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Dosimetric Investigation for Fluence Smoothing On VMAT Plans in Monaco for Head - Neck Cancers

T Ganesh

k jassal , B Sarkar , T Ganesh*, H Kaur , U Giri , B Mohanti , A Munshi , FORTIS MEMORIAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Gurgaon, HARYANA


SU-F-T-343 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose:The study investigates the effect of fluence smoothing parameter on VMAT plans for ten head-neck cancer patients using Monaco5.00.04.
Methods:VMAT plans were created using Monaco5.00.04 planning system for 10 head-neck patients. Four plans were generated for each patient using available smoothing parameters i.e. high, medium, low and off. The number of monitor units required to deliver 1 cGy was defined as a modulation degree; and was taken as a measure of plan complexity. Routinely used plan quality parameters Conformity index (CI) and Homogeneity index (HI) were used in the study. As a protocol our center, practices “medium” smoothing for clinical implementation. Plans with medium smoothing were opted as reference plans due to the clinical acceptance and dosimetric verifications made on these plans. Plans were generated by varying the smoothing parameter and re-optimization was done. The PTV was evaluated for D98%, D95%, D50%, D1% and prescription isodose volume (PIV). For critical organs; spine and parotids the parameters recorded were D1cc and Dmean respectively.
Results:The cohort had the median prescription as 6000 cGy in the range of 6600 cGy – 4500 cGy. The modulation degree was observed to increase up to 6% from reference to the most complex plan. High smoothing had about 11% increase in segments which marginally (0.5 to 1%) increased the homogeneity index while conformity index remains constant. For spine the maximum D1cc was observed in medium smoothing as 4639.8 cGy, this plan was clinically accepted and dosimetrically verified. Similarly for parotids, the Dmean was 2011.9 cGy and 1817.05 cGy.
Conclusion:The sensitivity of plan quality in terms of smoothing options (high, medium, low and off) available in Monaco 5.00.04 was resulted in minimal difference in terms of target coverage, conformity index and homogeneity index. Similarly changing smoothing did not result in any enhanced advantage in sparing of critical organs

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