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Objective Assessment of 3D Dosimetry for Flattened and Flattened Filter Free Stereotactic Rotational Delivery Using 729-Array Detector with Octavius 4D Phantom

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D Manigandan

S Vikraman1 , D Manigandan2*, M Muthukumaran3 , C Arun1 , K Sandeep Jain1 , K Vikash1 , (1) JAYPEE HOSPITAL- RADIATION ONCOLOGY, Noida, UTTAR PRADESH, (2) Fortis Cancer Istitute, Mohali, Punjab, (3) Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Chennai, Tamil Nadu,


SU-F-T-571 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

The purpose of this study was to assess the potential of 3D dosimetry for flattened and flattened filter free stereotactic rotational delivery in high definition MLC using 729-detector array with Octavius 4D phantom

Twenty rapid arc plans were assessed for this study. For each patient two plans for 6X and 6FFF photon beams were generated with same prescription and critical organ constraints in Eclipse TPS version 13.0 using high definition MLC. Verification plans were generated in scanned Octavius 4D phantom in TPS. 3D dose measurements were collected from 729-ion chamber detector array in Octavius 4D phantom using verisoft software v 6.0. TPS calculated dose was compared with measured 3D dose in verisoft using the following gamma analysis parameters such as 3D volumetric, 3D planar and 2D global gamma in transverse, sagittal and coronal planes for 3mm/3% and 2mm/2% distance to agreement criteria.Passing rate and arithmetic mean of global gamma were analysed for 2D and 3D global gamma in all planes.

The average number of dose points passing rate for 2D global gamma with 3mm/3% criteria in transverse, sagittal and coronal planes was 99.06%±2.89%, 98.8%±0.88% and 99.06%±91%, respectively. For 2mm/2% criteria 97.86%±2.26%, 94.49± 2.64% and 94.34%±2.9% was observed. In 3D planar global gamma with 3mm/3% was 99.53%±0.49%, 98.93%±1.03% and 99.29%±1.29%, for 2mm 2% criteria was 97.50%±2.24%, 94.5%±2.5% and 95.38%±4.5%. The maximum arithmetic mean gamma deviation of 0.505%±0.13% was observed in coronal plane for 2D global gamma with 2mm/2% criteria. The 3D volumetric gamma passing rate was observed as 99.61%±0.433% for 3mm /3% and 95.91%±2.51% for 2mm/2%.

The objective assessment of 3D dosimetry have demonstrated that the rotational delivery accuracy for flattened and flattened filter free stereotactic plans can be verified by using Octavius system comprising with 729 ion chamber array and Octavius 4D phantom.

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