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Development of the Monte Carlo Simulation Platform Using Geant4 for Designing Heavy Ion Therapy Beam Nozzle

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J Shin

Jae-ik Shin *, SeungHoon Yoo , Sungho Cho , Eun Ho Kim , Yongkeun Song , Won-Gyun Jung , Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Science, Seoul, Seoul


SU-F-T-149 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

The significant issue of particle therapy such as proton and carbon ion was a accurate dose delivery from beam line to patient. For designing the complex delivery system, Monte Carlo simulation can be used for the simulation of various physical interaction in scatters and filters.
In this report, we present the development of Monte Carlo simulation platform to help design the prototype of particle therapy nozzle and performed the Monte Carlo simulation using Geant4.
Also we show the prototype design of particle therapy beam nozzle for Korea Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator (KHIMA) project in Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Science(KIRAMS) at Republic of Korea.

We developed a simulation platform for particle therapy beam nozzle using Geant4. In this platform, the prototype nozzle design of Scanning system for carbon was simply designed. For comparison with theoretic beam optics, the beam profile on lateral distribution at isocenter is compared with Mont Carlo simulation result. From the result of this analysis, we can expected the beam spot property of KHIMA system and implement the spot size optimization for our spot scanning system.

For characteristics study of scanning system, various combination of the spot size from accerlator with ridge filter and beam monitor was tested as simple design for KHIMA dose delivery system.

In this report, we presented the part of simulation platform and the characteristics study. This study is now on-going in order to develop the simulation platform including the beam nozzle and the dose verification tool with treatment planning system. This will be presented as soon as it is become available.

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