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Implementation of a Daily Quality Assurance Phantom for Six Degrees-Of-Freedom Couch Testing

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H Gaballa

H Gaballa1*, M O'Brien1 , A Riegel1 , A Jamshidi1 , E Klein1 , (1) Northwell Health, Lake Success, NY


SU-F-T-470 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To develop a daily quality assurance (QA) device that can test the 6DoF (degrees of freedom) couch repositioning accuracy, prior to SBRT treatment deliveries, with an accuracy of ±0.3 degrees and ±0.3 mm.

Methods: A daily QA phantom is designed with a focus on the derived center of projections of its markers, rather than tracking its individual markers one at a time. This approach can be the most favorable to address the intended machining accuracy of the QA phantom and the CBCT spatial resolution limitations, primarily 1 mm min slice thickness, simultaneously. With the current design, ±0.1 mm congruence of the resultant center of gravity of the markers with reference CT (0.6 mm minimum slice thickness) vs CBCT (1.0 mm minimum slice thickness) can be achieved. If successful, the QA device should be qualified to test 6DoF couch performance with a gauged accuracy of ±0.3 degrees/±0.3 mm. Testing is performed for the Varian True Beam 2.0 6DoF system.

Results: Once the QA phantom is constructed and tested, agreement of the center of gravity of the reference CT scan and the CBCT scan of ±0.1 mm is achieved. This has translated into a consistent 3D-3D match on the treatment machine, CT vs CBCT, with a repetitive ±0.1 mm variation, thus exceeding our expectations. We have deployed the phantom for daily QA on one of our accelerators, and found that the QA time has increased by only 10 minutes.

Conclusion: A 6DoF phantom has been designed (patent pending) and built with a realistic work flow in mind where the daily couch accuracy QA checks taking less than 10 minutes. Current developments include integration with the Varian's Machine Performance Check consistency module.

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