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Correspondence Factor Correction Coefficient for Commissioning of Leipzig and Valencia Applicators with the Standard Imaging IVB 1000

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J Donaghue

J Donaghue*, S Gajdos , Akron General Medical Center, Akron, OH


SU-F-T-23 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To determine the correction factor of the correspondence factor for the Standard Imaging IVB 1000 well chamber for commissioning of Elekta’s Leipzig and Valencia skin applicators.

Methods: The Leipzig and Valencia applicators are designed to treat small skin lesions by collimating irradiation to the treatment area. Published output factors are used to calculate dose rates for clinical treatments. To validate onsite applicators, a correspondence factor (CFrev) is measured and compared to published values. The published CFrev is based on well chamber model SI HDR 1000 Plus. The CFrev is determined by correlating raw values of the source calibration setup (Rcal,raw) and values taken when each applicator is mounted on the same well chamber with an adapter (Rapp,raw). The CFrev is calculated by using the equation CFrev =Rapp,raw/Rcal,raw. The CFrev was measured for each applicator in both the SI HDR 1000 Plus and the SI IVB 1000. A correction factor, CFIVB for the SI IVB 1000 was determined by finding the ratio of CFrev (SI IVB 1000) and CFrev (SI HDR 1000 Plus).

Results: The average correction factors at dwell position 1121 were found to be 1.073, 1.039, 1.209, 1.091, and 1.058 for the Valencia V2, Valencia V3, Leipzig H1, Leipzig H2, and Leipzig H3 respectively. There were no significant variations in the correction factor for dwell positions 1119 through 1121.

Conclusion: By using the appropriate correction factor, the correspondence factors for the Leipzig and Valencia surface applicators can be validated with the Standard Imaging IVB 1000. This allows users to correlate their measurements with the Standard Imaging IVB 1000 to the published data. The correction factor is included in the equation for the CFrev as follows: CFrev= Rapp,raw/(CFIVB*Rcal,raw). Each individual applicator has its own correction factor, so care must be taken that the appropriate factor is used.

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