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Positional Variation of Implanted Fiducial Markers Over the Course of Image Guided Radiotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer

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S Shen

S Shen*, R Jacob , R Popple , X Wu , R Cardan , I Brezovich , University Alabama Birmingham, Birmingham, AL


SU-F-J-43 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Pancreas is a soft-tissue organ, implanted fiducials can change positions due to migration or tissue deformation. This study quantified positional variation of fiducials in IGRT for pancreatic cancer.

20 patients had at least 3 gold fiducials implanted in pancreas under EUS guidance. Patients had 4D-CT simulation for gated treatment. Daily gated OBI kV images (Turebeam) were used for positional alignment with fiducials for total of 25 or 28 fractions. Relative distances among 3 fiducials (d₁₋₂, d₁₋₃, d₂₋₃) were measured from 4D-CT end-of-expiration phase bin; and from gated kV images in first, mid, and last fraction (n=180).

The median duration between implant and simulation was 11 (range 0-41) days. The median duration between simulation and first fraction was 17 (range 8-24) days. The median relative distance was 12 (range 4-78) mm for d₁₋₂, 24 (range 6-80) mm for d₁₋₃, and 19 (range 5-63) mm for d₂₋₃. The median deviation was 1 mm for d₁₋₂, d₁₋₃, d₂₋₃ between simulation and first fraction, first and mid fraction, mid and last fraction (n=180). Two patients (10%) had deviation >= 5 mm (5, 11 mm) between simulation and first fraction. One patient (5%) had deviation >= 5 mm (11 mm) between first and mid fraction. No patient (0%) had deviation >= 5 mm between mid and last fraction. In all 3 cases with deviation >=5 mm, only one fiducial was significantly deviated. No clear evidence that deviation size was associated with time interval between implant and first fraction.

Implanted gold fiducials were quite stable over time in their relative positions in pancreas. Our data suggested at least 3 fiducials are needed. In cases that one fiducial was significantly deviated in daily kV images, this fiducial should be excluded in image guidance.

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