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Design and Implementation of a Multi-Purpose Applicator for Pelvic Brachytherapy Applications

J Bogue

J Bogue*, E Parsai , University of Toledo Medical Center, Toledo, OH


SU-F-T-25 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: The current generation of inflatable multichannel brachytherapy applicators, such as the Varian Capri, have limited implementation to only vaginal and rectal cancers. While there are similar designs utilizing rigid, non-inflatable applicators, these alternatives could cause increased dose to surrounding tissue due to air gaps. Modification of the Capri could allow for easier treatment planning by reducing the number of channels and increased versatility by modifying the applicator to include an attachable single tandem for cervical or multiple tandems for endometrial applications.

Methods: A Varian Capri applicator was simulated in water to replicate a patient. Multiple plans were optimized to deliver a prescribed dose of 100 cGy at 5mm away from the exterior of the applicator using six to thirteen existing channels. The current model was expanded upon to include a detachable tandem or multiple tandoms to increase its functionality to both cervical and endometrial cancers. Models were constructed in both three-dimensional rendering software and Monte Carlo to allow prototyping and simulations.

Results: Treatment plans utilizing six to thirteen channels produced limited dosimetric differences between channel arrangements, with a seven channel plan very closely approximating the thirteen channels. It was concluded that only seven channels would be necessary in future simulations to give an accurate representation of the applicator. Tandem attachments were prototyped for the applicator to demonstrate the ease of which they could be included. Future simulation in treatment planning software and Monte Carlo results will be presented to further define the ideal applicator geometry

Conclusion: The current Capri applicator design could be easily modified to increase applicability to include cervical and endometrial treatments in addition to vaginal and rectal cancers. This new design helps in a more versatile single use applicator that can easily be inserted and to further reduce dose to critical structures during brachytherapy treatments.

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