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Patterns of Electron IORT Treatments in the U.S., Europe and Asia

S Adamczyk

S Adamczyk1*, D Goer1 , R Ash2 , (1) IntraOp Medical Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, (2) St. Joseph's Hospital, Orange, CA


SU-F-T-90 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

We analyzed data collected from worldwide centers active in electron IORT with a focus on the technical variables of the treatment. Particular attention was given to the dominant tumor sites.

54 Mobetron users from 14 countries in clinical operation prior to December 31, 2014, were invited to participate in this study. 29 centers contributed to this survey in sufficient detail to be included in this report. 6,035 patients were treated since 1997. Parameters were analyzed separately for each treatment site. However, special attention was given to the breast cancer, which turned out to be dominant tumor site.

The average number of patients treated per year in each center was 41 and exceeded 100 patients/year in 3 centers. For data received, 70% of patients worldwide were treated for breast cancer (93% in Europe, 14% in the U.S. and 21% in Asia). In 31% of cases electron IORT was the only breast irradiation.

In breast patients, 9 MeV was used in 50% cases; 4MeV, 6MeV and 12MeV in 2%, 25% and 23% of cases respectively. 85% of patients were treated with field sizes between 4 and 6 cm and 35% of them were treated with 1/2 cm sized applicators. Beveled applicators (0°, 15° and 30° tips) were used in 51%, 33% and 16% of cases respectively. In 55% cases bolus was required with 5mm bolus used twice as often as 10mm. Chest-wall protectors were used in 53% of treatment procedures.
For Non-breast data, main sites were: colorectal tumors (31%), pancreatic cancers (20%), extremity sarcomas (13%) and retroperitoneal sarcomas (5%).

A large variety of tumors have been treated with IORT, with breast, colorectal, pancreas and sarcomas being the most frequently treated sites. This survey shows the most common applicators and energies used to treat each tumor site.

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