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Quantitative SPECT Imaging of Ra-223 in a Phantom

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R Hobbs

J Yue , R Hobbs*, G Sgouros , E Frey , Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD


SU-F-J-8 (Sunday, July 31, 2016) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose:Ra-223 therapy of prostate cancer bone metastases is being used to treat patients routinely. However, the absorbed dose distribution at the macroscopic and microscopic scales remains elusive, due to the inability to image the small activities injected. Accurate activity quantification through imaging is essential to calculate the absorbed dose in organs and sub-units in radiopharmaceutical therapy, enabling personalized absorbed dose-based treatment planning methodologies and more effective and optimal treatments.

Methods:A 22 cm diameter by 20 cm long cylindrical phantom, containing a 3.52 cm diameter sphere, was used. A total of 2.01 MBq of Ra-223 was placed in the phantom with 177.6 kBq in the sphere. Images were acquired on a dual-head Siemens Symbia T16 gamma camera using three 20% full-width energy windows and centered at 84, 154, and 269 keV (120 projections, 360° rotation, 45 s per view). We have implemented reconstruction of Ra-223 SPECT projections using OS-EM (up to 20 iterations of 10 subsets ) with compensation for attenuation using CT-based attenuation maps, collimator-detector response (CDR) (including septal penetration, scatter and Pb x-ray modeling), and scatter in the patient using the effective source scatter estimation (ESSE) method. The CDR functions and scatter kernels required for ESSE were computed using the SIMIND MC simulation code. All Ra-223 photon emissions as well as gamma rays from the daughters Rn-219 and Bi-211 were modeled.

Results:The sensitivity of the camera in the three combined windows was 107.3 cps/MBq. The visual quality of the SPECT images was reasonably good and the activity in the sphere was 27% smaller than the true activity. This underestimation is likely due to partial volume effect.

Conclusion:Absolute quantitative Ra-223 SPECT imaging is achievable with careful attention to compensate for image degrading factors and system calibration.

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