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Program Information

  Innovations in Dose Calculation Tuesday - 8/2/2016
Therapy Scientific Session 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Room: Ballroom C

Moderator 1: Chang Ming Charlie Ma, Fox Chase Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Hugo Bouchard, Universite de Montreal

7:30 AM
TU-AB-BRC-1 : Spherical Harmonic Based Finite Element Method (SHFEM): A New Angular Discretization of Linear Boltzmann Transport Equation for Accurate Dose Calculation
X. Hong*, G. Chen, H. Gao
7:40 AM
TU-AB-BRC-2 : Accuracy Evaluation of GPU-Based OpenCL Carbon Monte Carlo Package (goCMC) in Biological Dose and Microdosimetry in Comparison to FLUKA Simulations
R. Taleei*, C. Peeler, N. Qin, S. Jiang, X. Jia
7:50 AM
TU-AB-BRC-3 : Accurate Tissue Characterization for Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Using Dual-and Multi-Energy CT Data
A. Lalonde*, H. Bouchard
8:00 AM
TU-AB-BRC-4 : Commissioning of a New MLC Model for the GEPTS Monte Carlo System: A Model Based On the Leaf and Interleaf Effective Density
O. Chibani*, F. Tahanout, C. Ma
8:10 AM
TU-AB-BRC-5 : Creation of a Monte Carlo TrueBeam Model by Reproducing Varian Phase Space Data
K. O'Grady*, S. Davis, J. Seuntjens
8:20 AM
TU-AB-BRC-6 : Dose Calculation in Curved Space
J. Kieselmann*, S. Bartzsch, U. Oelfke
8:30 AM
TU-AB-BRC-7 : Efficiency of An IAEA Phase-Space Source for a Low Energy X-Ray Tube Using Egs++
P. Watson*, M. Renaud, J. Seuntjens
8:40 AM
TU-AB-BRC-8 : Egs_brachy, a Fast and Versatile Monte Carlo Code for Brachytherapy Applications
M. Chamberland*, R. Taylor, D. Rogers, R. Thomson
8:50 AM
TU-AB-BRC-9 : Fast Dose-Averaged LET and Biological Dose Calculations for Proton Therapy Using Graphics Cards
H. Wan Chan Tseung*, C. Beltran
9:00 AM
TU-AB-BRC-10 : Modeling of Radiotherapy Linac Source Terms Using ARCHER Monte Carlo Code: Performance Comparison of GPU and MIC Computing Accelerators
T. Liu, H. Lin*, L. Su, C. Shi, X. Tang, B. Bednarz, X. Xu
9:10 AM
TU-AB-BRC-11 : Moving a GPU-OpenCL-Based Monte Carlo (MC) Dose Engine Towards Routine Clinical Use: Automatic Beam Commissioning and Efficient Source Sampling
Z. Tian*, Y. Li, M. Folkerts, S. Jiang, X. Jia
9:20 AM
TU-AB-BRC-12 : Optimized Parallel MonteCarlo Dose Calculations for Secondary MU Checks
S. French*, M. Bellor, D. Nazareth