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Program Information

  Image Registration and Segmentation Tuesday - 8/2/2016
Joint Imaging - Therapy Scientific Session 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Room: 202

Moderator 1: Stephen R Bowen, University of Washington, School of Medicine
Moderator 2: Jing Cai, Duke University Medical Center

7:30 AM
TU-AB-202-1 : Multi-Institutional Validation Study of Commercially Available Deformable Image Registration Software for Thoracic Images
N. Kadoya*, Y. Nakajima, M. Saito, Y. Miyabe, M. Kurooka, S. Kito, M. Sasaki, Y. Fujita, K. Arai, K. Tani, M. Yagi, A. Wakita, N. Tohyama, K. Jingu
7:40 AM
TU-AB-202-2 : Deformable Image Registration Accuracy Between External Beam Radiotherapy and HDR Brachytherapy CT Images for Cervical Cancer Using a 3D-Printed Deformable Pelvis Phantom
Y. Miyasaka*, N. Kadoya, Y. Kuroda, K. Ito, M. Chiba, Y. Nakajima, K. Sato, S. Dobashi, K. Takeda, K. Jingu
7:50 AM
TU-AB-202-3 : Prediction of PET Transfer Uncertainty by DIR Error Estimating Software, AUTODIRECT
H. Kim*, J. Chen, J. Phillips, N. Kirby
8:00 AM
TU-AB-202-4 : Development of a DeformableImage Registration (DIR) Error Correction Method Employing Kolmogorov-Zurbenko(KZ) Filter
X. Liang*, C. Wang, Z. Chang, F. Yin, J. Cai
8:10 AM
TU-AB-202-5 : GPU-Based 4D Deformable Image Registration Using Adaptive Tetrahedral Mesh Modeling
Z. Zhong*, L. Zhuang, X. Gu, J. Wang, H. Chen, X. Zhen
8:20 AM
TU-AB-202-6 : Quantitative Evaluation of Deformable Image Registration in MRI-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy
K. Mooney*, T. Zhao, Y. Duan, M. Zhang, O. Green, S. Mutic, D. Yang
8:30 AM
TU-AB-202-7 : A Novel Method for Registration of Mid-Treatment PET/CT Images Under Conditions of Tumor Regression for Patients with Locally Advanced Lung Cancers
H. Sharifi*, H. Zhang, J. Jin, F. Kong, I. Chetty, H. Zhong
8:40 AM
TU-AB-202-8 : Generating Organ Surfaces to Overcome Random Contouring Errors and Slice Thickness Variations On Multimodality Images
S. Oh*, E. Weiss, G. Christensen, G. Hugo, J. Williamson
8:50 AM
TU-AB-202-9 : Performance of Cross-Modality DIR Algorithms Using Images Computed From a Novel, Tissue-Like Phantom Capable of Reproducible Degrees of Deformation
D. Ionascu*, E. Castillo, A. Qin, D. Solis, D. Lack, R. Sandhu, S. Yee, T. Guerrero
9:00 AM
TU-AB-202-10 : How Effective Are Current Atlas Selection Methods for Atlas-Based Auto-Contouring in Radiotherapy Planning?
D. Peressutti*, B. Schipaanboord, J. van Soest, T. Lustberg, W. van Elmpt, T. Kadir, A. Dekker, M. Gooding
9:10 AM
TU-AB-202-11 : Tumor Segmentation by Fusion of Multi-Tracer PET Images Using Copula Based Statistical Methods
J. Lapuyade-Lahorgue, S. Ruan, H. Li*, P. Vera
9:20 AM
TU-AB-202-12 : A Novel Method to Map Endoscopic Video to CT for Treatment Planning and Toxicity Analysis in Radiation Therapy
W. Ingram*, J. Yang, B. Beadle, R. Wendt, A. Rao, L. Court