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Program Information

  CT - Novel Systems and Image Quality Thursday - 8/4/2016
Imaging Scientific Session 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 207B

Moderator 1: Joseph Stayman, Johns Hopkins University
Moderator 2: Lifeng Yu, Mayo Clinic

10:00 AM
TH-CD-207B-1 : BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING): Development of High Brightness Multiple-Pixel X-Ray Source Using Oxide Coated Cathodes
P. Kandlakunta*, R. Pham, T. Zhang
10:10 AM
TH-CD-207B-2 : An Automated Technique to Measure Spatial Resolution in Clinical CT Images: Application to Patient Data
J. Sanders*, A. Ding, E. Samei
10:20 AM
TH-CD-207B-3 : How to Quantify Temporal Resolution in X-Ray MDCT Imaging?
A. Budde*, Y. Li, J. Hsieh, G. Chen
10:30 AM
TH-CD-207B-4 : Is TTF a True Representation of the Sharpness Property of a Non-Linear CT System?
M. Robins*, J. Solomon, E. Samei
10:40 AM
TH-CD-207B-5 : Measurement of CT Bow-Tie Profiles Using a Linear Array Detector
K. Yang*, X. Li, B. Liu
10:50 AM
TH-CD-207B-6 : Swank Factor of Segmented Scintillators in Multi-Slice CT Detectors: Pulse Height Spectra and Light Escape
A. Howansky*, B. Peng, A. Lubinsky, W. Zhao
11:00 AM
TH-CD-207B-7 : Noise Modeling of Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) for Photon Counting CT Applications
Z. Cheng*, X. Zheng, J. Deen, H. Peng, L. Xing
11:10 AM
TH-CD-207B-8 : Relationship Between Pixel Noise and Task-Specific Low Contrast Detectability for Various Patient Sizes in Abdomen CT
J. Nute*, Y. Zhou, A. Scott, C. Lee
11:20 AM
TH-CD-207B-9 : Task-Driven Fluence Field Modulation Design for Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction in CT
G. Gang*, J. Siewerdsen, J. Stayman
11:30 AM
TH-CD-207B-10 : Effect of CT Reconstruction Filter On Measured Hounsfield Values in Lung Nodules
K. Little*, I. Reiser, A. Sanchez, J. Chung, H. MacMahon, Z. Lu
11:40 AM
TH-CD-207B-11 : Multi-Vendor Phantom Study of CT Lung Density Metrics: Is a Reproducibility of Less Than 1 HU Achievable?
H. Chen-Mayer*, P. Judy, S. Fain, B. Hoppel, D. Lynch, M. Fuld
11:50 AM
TH-CD-207B-12 : Quantification of Clinical Feedback On Image Quality Differences Between Two CT Scanner Models
S. Bache*, X. Liu, E. Loyer, J. Rong