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Program Information

  Novel Devices and Applications Tuesday - 8/2/2016
Therapy Scientific Session 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Ballroom C

Moderator 1: Rebecca Howell, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Peter Maxim, Stanford University School of Medicine

4:30 PM
TU-H-BRC-1 : A New Fabrication Method for Secondary Skin Collimation Using3D Scanner and 3D Printer
J. Jung*, N. Potter, T. Suh, C. Liu, B. Lu
4:40 PM
TU-H-BRC-2 : Biological Dose Escalation for Liver SBRT Through Spatiotemporal Fractionation
J. Unkelbach*, Z. Perko, J. Wolfgang, T. Hong
4:50 PM
TU-H-BRC-3 : Evaluation of Very High-Energy Electron (VHEE) Beams in Comparison to VMAT and PBS Treatment Plans
E. Schueler*, K. Eriksson, E. Hynning, B. Loo, P. Maxim
5:00 PM
TU-H-BRC-4 : Feasibility of Using TomoDirect for Pulsed Reduced Dose-Rate Radiotherapy
M. Geurts*
5:10 PM
TU-H-BRC-5 : Stereotactic Radiosurgery Optimized with Orthovoltage Beams
J. Fagerstrom*, E. Bender, W. Culberson
5:20 PM
TU-H-BRC-6 : Temperature Simulation of Tungsten and W25Re Targets to Deliver High Dose Rate 10 MV Photons
J. Wang*, S. Trovati, B. Loo, P. Maxim, P. Borchard, R. Fahrig
5:30 PM
TU-H-BRC-7 : Therapeutic Benefit in Spatially Fractionated Radiotherapy (GRID) Using Helical Tomotherapy
G. Narayanasamy*, X. Zhang, A. Meigooni, X. Liang, N. Paudel, S. Morrill, S. Maraboyina, L. Peacock, J. Penagaricano
5:40 PM
TU-H-BRC-8 : Use and Validation of Flexible 3D Printed Tissue Compensators for Post-Mastectomy Radiation Therapy
D. Craft*, W. Woodward, J. Kanke, S. Kry, M. Salehpour, R. Howell
5:50 PM
TU-H-BRC-9 : Validation of a Novel Therapeutic X-Ray Array Source and Collimation System
S. Trovati*, P. Borchard, G. King, C. Limborg, B. Loo, P. Maxim, D. McCormick, L. Nicolas, E. Schueler, S. Tantawi, J. Wang, L. Wang