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Program Information

  Image Registration and Segmentation Sunday - 7/31/2016
Joint Imaging - Therapy SNAP Oral 1:00 PM - 1:55 PM Room: Ballroom A

Moderator 1: Dennis Mackin, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Xuejun Gu, UT Southwestern Medical Center

1:00 PM
SU-C-BRA-1 : Interactive Auto-Segmentation for Bowel in Online Adaptive MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy by Using a Multi-Region Labeling Algorithm
Y. Lu*, I. Chen, R. Kashani, H. Wan, N. Maughan, D. Muccigrosso, P. Parikh
1:07 PM
SU-C-BRA-2 : A Lung Tumor Autocontouring Algorithm Based On Particle Filter for Dynamic Magnetic Resonance
A. Bourque*, S. Bedwani, E. Filion, J. Carrier
1:14 PM
SU-C-BRA-3 : An Automated and Quick Contour Errordetection for Auto Segmentation in Online Adaptive Radiotherapy
J. Zhang*, O. Ates, X. Li
1:21 PM
SU-C-BRA-4 : Automated Segmentation of Head-And-Neck CT Images for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Via Multi-Atlas Machine Learning (MAML)
X. Ren*, G. Sharp, H. Gao
1:28 PM
SU-C-BRA-5 : Delineating High-Dose Clinical Target Volumes for Head and Neck Tumors Using Machine Learning Algorithms
C. Cardenas*, A. Wong, A. Mohamed, J. Yang, L. Court, A. Rao, C. Fuller, M. Aristophanous
1:35 PM
SU-C-BRA-6 : Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation for Stereotactic Radiosurgery Applications
Y. Liu*, S. Stojadinovic, S. Jiang, R. Timmerman, R. Abdulrahman, L. Nedzi, X. Gu
1:42 PM
SU-C-BRA-7 : Variability of Patient-Specific Motion Models Derived Using Different Deformable Image Registration Algorithms for Lung Cancer Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) Patients
S. Dhou*, D. Ionascu, J. Lewis, C. Williams