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Program Information

  Next Generation Quality Assurance Monday - 8/1/2016
Therapy Scientific Session 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: 202

Moderator 1: Peter Greer, Calvary Mater Newcastle
Moderator 2: John Lewis, University of California Los Angeles

4:30 PM
MO-FG-202-1 : A Fast Yet Sensitive EPID-Based Real-Time Treatment Verification System
M. Ahmad*, H. Nourzadeh, B. Neal, W. Watkins, J. Siebers
4:40 PM
MO-FG-202-2 : Automated Plan Quality Assurance Integrated with Eclipse Using Varian's ESAPI Interface
E. Schreibmann*, I. Crocker, A. Dhabaan, E. Elder
4:50 PM
MO-FG-202-3 : Efficient Data Collection of Continuous 2D and Discrete Relative Dosimetric Data for Annual LINAC QA Using TrueBeam Developer Mode and a 1D Scanning Tank
N. Knutson*, M. Schmidt, N. Nguyen, M. Belley, M. Price
5:00 PM
MO-FG-202-4 : Gantry-Resolved Linac QA for VMAT: A Comprehensive and Efficient System Using An Electronic Portal Imaging Device
B. Zwan*, M. Barnes, J. Hindmarsh, E. Seymour, J. O'Connor, P. Keall, P. Greer
5:10 PM
MO-FG-202-5 : Identifying Treatment Planning System Errors in IROC-H Phantom Irradiations
J. Kerns*, D. Followill, R. Howell, A. Melancon, F. Stingo, S. Kry
5:20 PM
MO-FG-202-6 : Improving the Performance of Gamma Analysis QA with Radiomics-Based Image Analysis
L. Wootton*, A. Chaovalitwongse, N. Li, M. Nyflot, E. Ford
5:30 PM
MO-FG-202-7 : Real-Time EPID-Based Detection Metric For VMAT Delivery Errors
M. Passarge*, M. Fix, P. Manser, M. Stampanoni, J. Siebers
5:40 PM
MO-FG-202-8 : Real-Time Monte Carlo-Based Treatment Dose Reconstruction and Monitoring for Radiotherapy
Z. Tian*, F. Shi, X. Gu, Y. Graves, J. Tan, N. Hassan Rezaeian, S. Jiang, X. Jia
5:50 PM
MO-FG-202-9 : Virtual IMRT QA Using Machine Learning: A Multi-Institutional Validation
G. Valdes*, M. Chan, R. Scheuermann, J. Deasy, T. Solberg