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Program Information

  Nuclear Medicine, PET, MRI, US - QA/QC Tuesday - 8/2/2016
Imaging Scientific Session 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: 206

Moderator 1: Srinivas Cheenu Kappadath, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Tinsu Pan, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

4:30 PM
TU-H-206-1 : An Automated Approach for Identifying Geometric Distortions in Gamma Cameras
S. Mann*, J. Nelson, E. Samei
4:40 PM
TU-H-206-2 : Novel Linearly-Filled Derenzo PET Phantom Design
S. Graves*, B. Cox, M. Farhoud, H. Valdovinos, J. Jeffery, K. Eliceiri, T. Barnhart, R. Nickles
4:50 PM
TU-H-206-3 : Characterizing B1 Inhomogeneities in DCE MRI
H. Gach*, N. Mason
5:00 PM
TU-H-206-4 : An Effective Homomorphic Unsharp Mask Filtering Method to Correct Intensity Inhomogeneity in Daily Treatment MR Images
D. Yang*, H. Gach, H. Li, S. Mutic
5:10 PM
TU-H-206-5 : Investigating the Resistance of GS-BSSFP to Motion Artifacts
M. Hoff*, J. Andre, Q. Xiang
5:20 PM
TU-H-206-6 : B1 Inhomogeneity Correction for Measuring T1 From DCE MRI
H. Gach*, N. Mason, H. Wang, C. Tsien, T. Benzinger, C. Robinson
5:30 PM
TU-H-206-7 : Assessment of Geometric Distortion in EPI with a SPAMM Tagged Acquisition
K. Hwang*, J. Meier, J. Yung, R. Stafford
5:40 PM
TU-H-206-8 : Quantitative Impact of Biliary Stent Artefacts On MR Images
O. Gurney-Champion*, T. Bruins Slot, E. Lens, A. van der Horst, R. Klaassen, H. van Laarhoven, J. van Hooft, A. Nederveen, A. Bel
5:50 PM
TU-H-206-9 : Acceptance Testing of Ultrasound Systems for Shear Wave Elastography Measurements
Z. Long*, D. Tradup, P. Song, S. Stekel, S. Chen, N. Hangiandreou