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Program Information

  CT - Spectral/Dual-Energy Imaging Wednesday - 8/3/2016
Imaging Scientific Session 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM Room: 207B

Moderator 1: Dianna Cody, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Katsuyuki Taguchi, Johns Hopkins University

1:45 PM
WE-FG-207B-1 : BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING): Abdominal CT with Three K-Edge Contrast Materials Using a Whole-Body Photon-Counting Scanner: Initial Results of a Large Animal Experiment
M. Lakshmanan*, R. Symons, T. Cork, C. Davies-Venn, K. Rice, A. Malayeri, V. Sandfort, D. Bluemke, A. Pourmorteza
1:55 PM
WE-FG-207B-2 : Material Reconstruction for Spectral Computed Tomography with Detector Response Function
J. Liu*, H. Gao
2:05 PM
WE-FG-207B-3 : Multi-Energy CT Reconstruction with Spatial Spectral Nonlocal Means Regularization
B. Li*, C. Shen, L. Ouyang, M. Yang, L. Zhou, S. Jiang, X. Jia
2:15 PM
WE-FG-207B-4 : Noise Suppression for Energy-Resolved CT Via Variance Weighted Non-Local Filtration
J. Harms*, L. Zhu
2:25 PM
WE-FG-207B-5 : Iterative Reconstruction Via Prior Image Constrained Total Generalized Variation for Spectral CT
S. Niu*, Y. Zhang, J. Ma, J. Wang
2:35 PM
WE-FG-207B-6 : Plaque Composition Measurement with Dual Energy Computed Tomography
C. Wang*, H. Ding, S. Malkasian, S. Molloi
2:45 PM
WE-FG-207B-7 : Feasibility of Low Dose Lung Cancer Screening with a Whole-Body Photon Counting CT: First Human Results
R. Symons*, T. Cork, L. Folio, D. Bluemke, A. Pourmorteza
2:55 PM
WE-FG-207B-8 : Dual-Energy CT Iodine Accuracy Across Vendors and Platforms
M. Jacobsen*, C. Wood, D. Cody
3:05 PM
WE-FG-207B-9 : Experimental Assessment of Noise and Spatial Resolution in Virtual Non-Contrast Dual-Energy CT Images Across Multiple Patient Sizes and CT Systems
J. Montoya*, A. Ferrero, L. Yu, S. Leng, C. McCollough
3:15 PM
WE-FG-207B-10 : Dual-Energy CT Monochromatic Image Consistency Across Vendors and Platforms
M. Jacobsen*, C. Wood, D. Cody
3:25 PM
WE-FG-207B-11 : Objective Image Characterization of Spectral CT with a Dual-Layer Detector
O. Ozguner*, S. Halliburton, A. Dhanantwari, G. Wen, S. Utrup, D. Jordan
3:35 PM
WE-FG-207B-12 : Quantitative Evaluation of a Spectral CT Scanner in a Phantom Study: Results of Spectral Reconstructions
X. Duan*, G. Arbique, J. Guild, Y. Yagil, J. Anderson