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Program Information

  Biophysical Modeling Wednesday - 8/3/2016
Therapy Scientific Session 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Ballroom A

Moderator 1: Radhe Mohan, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Jan Schuemann, Massachusetts General Hospital

4:30 PM
WE-H-BRA-1 : BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY): Nano-Dosimetric Kinetic Model for Variable Relative Biological Effectiveness of Proton and Ion Beams
R. Abolfath*, L. Bronk, Y. Helo, J. Schuemann, U. Titt, D. Grosshans, R. Mohan
4:40 PM
WE-H-BRA-2 : Radiobiological Modeling of Tumor Control Probability (TCP) and Radiation-Induced Pneumonitis (RP) for Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Monte Carlo-Based Lung SBRT
D. Pokhrel*, S. Sood, X. Shen, R. Badkul, C. McClinton, H. Jiang, M. Mitchell, C. Lominska, F. Wang
4:50 PM
WE-H-BRA-3 : Development of a Model to Include the Evolution of Resistant Tumor Subpopulations Into the Treatment Optimization Process for Schedules Involving Targeted Agents in Chemoradiation Therapy
C. Grassberger*, H. Paganetti
5:00 PM
WE-H-BRA-4 : Biological Geometries for the Monte Carlo Simulation Toolkit TOPAS-NBio
A. McNamara*, J. Perl, P. Piersimoni, J. Ramos-Mendez, B. Faddegon, K. Held, H. Paganetti, J. Schuemann
5:10 PM
WE-H-BRA-5 : Investigation of LET Spectral Dependence of the Biological Effects of Therapeutic Protons
F. Guan*, L. Bronk, M. Kerr, X. Wang, Y. Li, C. Peeler, N. Sahoo, D. Patel, D. Mirkovic, U. Titt, D. Grosshans, R. Mohan
5:20 PM
WE-H-BRA-6 : Experimental Investigation of RBE for Lung Cancer Cell Lines as a Function of Dose and LET in Proton, Helium and Carbon Beams
D. Patel*, L. Bronk, F. Guan, C. Peeler, D. Mirkovic, D. Grosshans, O. Jäkel, A. Abdollahi, U. Titt, R. Mohan
5:30 PM
WE-H-BRA-7 : Mechanistic Modelling of the Relative Biological Effectiveness of Heavy Charged Particles
S. McMahon*, A. McNamara, J. Schuemann, K. Prise, H. Paganetti
5:40 PM
WE-H-BRA-8 : A Monte Carlo Cell Nucleus Model for Assessing Cell Survival Probability Based On Particle Track Structure Analysis
B. Lee*, C. Wang
5:50 PM
WE-H-BRA-9 : Application of a Modified Microdosimetric-Kinetic Model to Analyze Relative Biological Effectiveness of Ions Relevant to Light Ion Therapy Using the Particle Heavy Ion Transport System
M. Butkus*, T. Palmer