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Program Information

  Image Processing/Segmentation/Registration/CAD Thursday - 8/4/2016
Imaging Scientific Session 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 206

Moderator 1: Srinivasan Vedantham, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Moderator 2: Hao Gao, Duke University

10:00 AM
TH-CD-206-1 : Expectation-Maximization Algorithm-Based Tissue Mixture Quantification for Perfusion MRI
H. Han*, Z. Liang, L. Li, L. Xing
10:10 AM
TH-CD-206-2 : BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING): 3D Prostate Segmentation in MR Images Using Patch-Based Anatomical Signature
X. Yang*, A. Jani, P. Rossi, H. Mao, W. Curran, T. Liu
10:20 AM
TH-CD-206-3 : Evaluation of a New Method to Improve Atlas Based Segmentation for the Bladder and Rectum
A. Nelson*, S. Pirozzi, S. Chung
10:30 AM
TH-CD-206-4 : Learning Relevance Criterion for Multi-Atlas Based Image Segmentation
T. Zhao*, D. Ruan
10:40 AM
TH-CD-206-5 : Machine-Learning Based Segmentation of Organs at Risks for Head and Neck Radiotherapy Planning
B. Ibragimov*, F. Pernus, P. Strojan, L. Xing
10:50 AM
TH-CD-206-6 : Regularized Composite Shape Prior Encoding Shape Relevance in Variational Image Segmentation
T. Zhao*, D. Ruan
11:00 AM
TH-CD-206-7 : Determination of Patient-Specific Myocardial Mass at Risk Using Computed Tomography Angiography
L. Hubbard*, B. Ziemer, S. Malkasian, J. Lipinski, B. Sadeghi, H. Javan, B. Dertli, E. Groves, S. Molloi
11:10 AM
TH-CD-206-8 : An Anthropopathic Deformable Phantom for Geometric and Dose Accumulation Accuracy Validation of Deformable Image Registration
Y. Liao, H. Chen, J. Chen, X. Gu, X. Zhen*, L. Zhou
11:20 AM
TH-CD-206-9 : Learning-Based MRI-CT Prostate Registration Using Spare Patch-Deformation Dictionary
X. Yang*, A. Jani, P. Rossi, H. Mao, W. Curran, T. Liu
11:30 AM
TH-CD-206-10 : Clinical Application of the MIND Demons Algorithm for Symmetric Diffeomorphic Deformable MR-To-CT Image Registration in Spinal Interventions
S. Reaungamornrat*, T. De Silva, A. Uneri, J. Wolinsky, A. Khanna, G. Kleinszig, S. Vogt, J. Prince, J. Siewerdsen
11:40 AM
TH-CD-206-11 : An Ellipsoid Convex Enhancement Filter Based Computer-Aided Diagnostic Framework of Intracranial Aneurysms in MRA Images
Z. Jin*, H. Arimura, S. Kakeda, F. Yamashita, M. Sakaki, Y. Korogi
11:50 AM
TH-CD-206-12 : Image-Based Motion Estimation for Plaque Visualization in Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography
X. Zhang*, A. Sisniega, W. Zbijewski, F. Contijoch, E. McVeigh, J. Stayman