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Program Information

  Risk Assessment and Patient Safety: New Results (Session 6 of the TG100 Certificate Course series) Wednesday - 8/3/2016
Therapy Scientific Session 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Ballroom C

Moderator 1: Eric Ford, University of Washington
Moderator 2: Kevin Moore, University of California, San Diego

4:30 PM
WE-H-BRC-1 : Failure Mode and Effects Analysis of Skin Electronic Brachytherapy Using Esteya Unit
B. Ibanez-Rosello*, J. Bautista-Ballesteros, J. Bonaque, F. Lliso, V. Carmona, J. Gimeno, Z. Ouhib, J. Perez-Calatayud
4:40 PM
WE-H-BRC-2 : Failure Mode and Effect Analysis of Liver Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
I. Rusu*, T. Thomas, J. Roeske, J. Price, C. Perino, I. Mescioglu, M. Surucu
4:50 PM
WE-H-BRC-3 : Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in the First Clinical Implementation of a Novel Stereotactic Breast Radiotherapy Device: GammaPodô
S. Mossahebi*, S. Feigenberg, E. Nichols, Y. Niu, S. Becker, K. Prado, B. Yi, C. Yu, Y. Mutaf
5:00 PM
WE-H-BRC-4 : Implement Lean Methodology to Make Our Current Process of CT Simulation to Treatment More Efficient
S. Boddu*, A. Morrow, N. Krishnamurthy, A. McVicker, N. Deb, D. Rangaraj
5:10 PM
WE-H-BRC-5 : Catastrophic Error Metrics for Radiation Therapy
S. Murphy*, J. Molloy
5:20 PM
WE-H-BRC-6 : A Unified Machine-Learning Based Probabilistic Model for Automated Anomaly Detection in the Treatment Plan Data
X. Chang*, A. Kalet, S. Liu, D. Yang
5:30 PM
WE-H-BRC-7 : Validation of a Commercial Atlas Based Auto-Segmentation Package For Automated Contour Quality Control
S. Berry*, K. Jedruszczuk, H. Veeraraghavan, A. Apte, Z. Saleh, M. Hunt
5:40 PM
WE-H-BRC-8 : Examining Credentialing Criteria and Poor Performance Indicators for IROC Houston's Anthropomorphic Head and Neck Phantom
M. Carson*, A. Molineu, P. Taylor, D. Followill, S. Kry
5:50 PM
WE-H-BRC-9 : Simulated Errors in Mock Radiotherapy Plans to Quantify the Effectiveness of the Physics Plan Review
O. Gopan*, A. Kalet, W. Smith, K. Hendrickson, M. Kim, L. Young, M. Nyflot, A. Chvetsov, M. Phillips, E. Ford