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Program Information

  Young Investigator Clinical Symposium Saturday - 3/5/2016
Young Investigator Symposium 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Room: Grand Ballroom D

Moderator 1: Jean Moran, Univ Michigan Medical Center
Moderator 2: Indrin Chetty, Henry Ford Health System

10:30 AM

SA-B-BRD-1 : A Novel Energy-Dependent Subtraction Method for Cardiac Imaging: Signal and Noise Analysis
C. Burton*, I. Cunningham
10:40 AM

SA-B-BRD-2 : Commissioning of 2D/3D Matching On a Varian TrueBeam
J. Dorand*, D. Ellerbusch, L. Fong de los Santos, J. Ma, D. Pafundi
10:50 AM

SA-B-BRD-3 : Comparability of Three Output Prediction Models for a Compact Passively Scattered Proton Therapy System
S. Ferguson*, Y. Chen, C. Ferreira, M. Islam, V. Keeling, A. Lau, S. Ahmad, H. Jin
11:00 AM

SA-B-BRD-4 : Effective and Efficient Grid Therapy Using High Dose Rate Flattening Filter Free Beam and Multileaf Collimator
M. Liu*, N. Wen, F. Siddiqui, I. Chetty, B. Zhao
11:10 AM

SA-B-BRD-5 : Evaluation of Electron Monte Carlo Dose Calculation of RayStation Treatment Planning System in Heterogeneous Media
S. Mossahebi*, M. Lin, S. Chen, H. Xu, M. Guerrero
11:20 AM

SA-B-BRD-6 : Improvement of Tumor Localization in Cone Beam CT Using An Optical Tracking System
B. Barraclough*, J. Li, C. Park, C. Liu, S. Lebron, G. Yan
11:30 AM

SA-B-BRD-7 : Improving Non-MCO VMAT Planning in RayStation for Prostate Treatment with An Automated Knowledge-Based Model Created Using a Database of Clinical MCO-IMRT Plans
M. Young*, L. Vanbenthuysen, B. Crawford, Y. Wang
11:40 AM

SA-B-BRD-8 : Initial Experience with Pinnacle3 Auto-Planning On Field Matching
S. Wang*, D. Zheng, W. Zhen, Y. Lei, X. Zhu, X. NI, C. Enke, S. Zhou
11:50 AM

SA-B-BRD-9 : Linear Accelerator Mechanical Quality Assurance Using a Calibrated Camera
D. Robertson*
12:00 PM

SA-B-BRD-10 : Monte Carlo Study of 3D Dose Distributions for COMS Eye Plaques
J. Gloss*, C. Watchman
12:10 PM

SA-B-BRD-11 : Unified Database for Rejected Image Analysis Across Multiple Vendors in Radiography
K. Little*, L. Liu, K. Haas, A. Sanchez, I. Reiser, Z. Lu