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Medical physicists are respected for their technical expertise and contributions of physics principles and applications in biology and medicine. In all work environments, however, medical physicists’ technical and functional skills are not enough, especially as they advance in their career. No matter what career level, leadership and interpersonal skills are necessary.

Medical physicists also work in environments of constant change with new, unpredictable challenges. Whether scientific or professional, medical physicists must foster the necessary skills to adapt and succeed. AAPM helps members develop these skills as part of its mission and goals by offering educational and professional opportunities – including the 2016 AAPM Summer School Medical Physics Leadership Academy (MPLA).

The AAPM MPLA program will offer advancing leadership development opportunities. 2016 AAPM Summer School attendees will immerse themselves in a focused and hands-on environment for leadership and management skill development interwoven into the context of medical physics. The program is specifically designed with the needs and challenges of medical physicists in mind, in either therapy or imaging disciplines, and community, academic, or consulting work environments.

  • Leadership in Visioning
  • Leadership with People
  • Leadership in Projects
  • Leadership in Finances
  • Leadership in Communication
  • Leadership in a Constrained Environment
  • Leadership in Practice

This program has been planned by AAPM members, drawing from their broad experience. For added specialized expertise in Leadership Development training, Impact International has been engaged to help participants manage and master the processes of awareness, decision-making and action. Summer School attendees will practice these skills in small groups during exercises following each didactic presentation.

As such, in addition to individual registrations, medical physics departments and consulting groups are invited to​bring a group of leaders and emerging leaders. Save on registration fees by registering a group of three or four!

Dates to Remember

February 17 Summer School registration and housing available online
March 4 Deadline to submit scholarship application
May 4 Deadline to receive early registration fees
May 28 Deadline to reserve a room at the Westfields Marriott at the group rate
June 3 Last day to submit registration cancellation in writing and still receive a refund
June 12 Evaluation System opens
July 15 Evaluation System Closes. Last day to evaluate the Summer School for MPCEC, MDCB and/or SAMs credit
July 28 CE Credits Posted