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Feasibility Study On the Application of Siemens Artiste Accelerator MV CBCT Images in Adaptive Radiotherapy

t pang

t pang*, B Yang , J Qiu , Peking union medical college hospital, Beijing, Beijing


TU-L-GePD-I-4 (Tuesday, August 1, 2017) 1:15 PM - 1:45 PM Room: Imaging ePoster Lounge

Purpose: To investigate whether the Siemens Artiste image beam line (IBL) full scan and EFOV scan mode MV CBCT images can be used for dose calculation in adaptive radiotherapy.

Methods: The large aperture CT and MV CBCT were used to scan the CIRS 062M electron density modules, the CT value was established to electron density curves in the pinnacle treatment planning system. Also, CT and MV CBCT were used to scan the head and neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis phantom. The IMRT plans were made with CT images and transplanted to MVCBCT images. The dose of targets and organs with their electron density curves was calculated, and two type IMRT plans with different CT images were compared.

Results: The dose distribution of head and neck phantom is acceptable, compared with the reference plan, the differentwas within 3%. The dose distribution of chest and pelvis were significantly reduced from reference plans, the difference were 5% and 10% separately . This difference was beyond the scope of clinical acceptance

Conclusion: MV CBCT images of Siemens Artiste accelerator IBL Full scan mode in patients with head and neck site scan can be used for dose calculation in adaptive radiotherapy, chest and pelvic sites in EFOV mode scanning MV CBCT images can only be used for image guidance, should not be used for dose calculation

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