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Design of LINAC Head Based On the Monte Carlo Simulation for Development of Radiotherapy Unit

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s Han

S Han*, Y Ji , H Jung , S Park , Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences,Seoul


TU-L-GePD-TT-2 (Tuesday, August 1, 2017) 1:15 PM - 1:45 PM Room: Therapy ePoster Theater

Purpose: In this study, the engineering design of LINAC head was performed based on Monte Carlo simulation for development of radiotherapy unit that has S-band of 6 MeV

Methods: The gantry head of Linear Accelerator (LINAC) consists of primary collimator, flattening filter, ion chamber, and X-Y jaws. The head of LINAC was designed following three steps. First, we carried out conceptual design considering existing radiotherapy unit. Second, we simulated LINAC of 6 MeV based on the conceptual design using the universal simulation code (MCNPX, LANL, USA). Finally, the engineering design was performed considering the driving aspects of the elements constituting the head of the LINAC.

Results: The primary collimator of the radiotherapy head to be developed in this study consists of a rectangular shape of 15.26 x 7.16 x 7.16 cm3 and the material is designed as tungsten (18 g/ cm3). The diameters of the top and bottom of the primary collimator were set to 0.96 cm and 4.18 cm, respectively to define radiation angle The flattening filter was designed to have a conical structure with different diameters at the top and bottom for field flatness. The maximum diameter at the bottom was 3 cm and the total height was 0.87 cm. Jaws were composed of tungsten(18 g/cm3) and were designed in a total of four rectangular shapes (30 × 7.77 × 7.77 cm3). The maximum energy in the energy spectrum of the 6 MeV photon beam was 6.15 MeV. When the simulation of LINAC was carried out in the condition of reference irradiation (10 × 10 cm2, SSD: 100 cm), the flatness was less than 5% and the degree of symmetry was within 3%.

Conclusion: Based on these results, we performed engineering design of LINAC head and It is useful for development of LINAC head.

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