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A Novel Approach to Obtain Lung Ventilation Image Applying Diffeomorphic Demons Registration Algorithm

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Y Lu

Y Lu1,2*, G Gong1 , D Li2 , Y Yin1,2 , (1) Shandong Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong Province, China, (2) Shandong Normal University, Jinan, Shandong Province, China


WE-RAM2-GePD-I-1 (Wednesday, August 2, 2017) 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Room: Imaging ePoster Lounge

Purpose: To access the feasibility of lung ventilation images from four dimensional computed tomography ₍4D-CT₎ images applying diffeomorphic Demons registration algorithm.

Methods: The simulation 4D₋CT images of thoracic tumors were obtained, and the end-expiration and end₋inspiration CT series were extracted from 4D₋CT images. The lungs were segmented on the end₋inspiration CT and end₋expiration CT using threshold method. Diffeomorphic Demons registration algorithm was used to link corresponding lung volume elements between the inhale and exhale phases of the 4D₋CT dataset. The deformable vector filed acquired from deformable registration was quantified and three dimensional lung ventilation image were obtained by yacobian value, and the lung functional strength of ventilation were distinguished using yacobian value. And lung ventilation images of 10 patients were analyzed.

Results: It demonstrates that high resolution lung ventilation image could calculated rapidly ₍mean time <5 minutes₎. From lung ventilation image, the mean proportion of high function area, middle function area, low function area was 10.22%, 73.27%, 16.51%, respectively. And the anatomical position of difference lung function region could be recognized and contoured from the image of lung ventilation.

Conclusion: Lung ventilation image applying diffeomorphic Demons registration algorithm took full consideration of the space and gray information. It is feasible of obtain high resolution lung ventilation image rapidly without assistance of other function image equipment. Different function region could be classified by using lung ventilation image, it offered useful tool for the anatomical position of difference lung function region, and it could be benefit for lung function protection in radiotherapy of thoracic tumors.

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