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TheSMp TCP/NTCP Calculation Methodologies for Radiotherapy, Brachytherapy and Radiationprotection

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T Frometa

T Frometa1*, S Jang2 , A Pyakuryal3 , M Sio4 , (1) Oncology Hospiatl of Santiago de Cuba,SC,Cuba,(2) Princeton Radiation Oncology Ctr., Monroe Twp, NJ, (3) National Cancer Institute, Rockville, MD, (4) Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona, (5) Faculty of medicine of Matanzas in Cardeans, Cardenas, Cuba


SU-I-GPD-T-653 (Sunday, July 30, 2017) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to provide the SMp TCP/NTCP calculation methodologies for evaluating efficacy of treatments and radiation injuriesin ionizing radiations interacting with living tissues, such as in radiotherapy (RT), brachytherapy (BT) and radiation protection (RP). This method will allow to use the same metrics, dimensions, and methodology in RT, BT, and RP

Methods: Macro-probabilistic and radiobiological models were studies to utilize tumor control and normal tissue complicationsprobability (TCP/NTCP) concepts, and SMp TCP/NTCP models,and to develop new formalismsin RT, BT and RP. Determinations of model parameters were performed by testing experimental/observational data and estimations.

Results: The SMp methodologies contains all possible elements for a quantitative evaluation: measurements, estimations and simulations. The proposed methodologies can be established in two possible ways: 1) Using the phenomenological/mechanistic SMp TCP/NTCP models; and 2) Using computer-radiobiological simulators, which will be based on criteria of the biological radiation effects (BRE).

Conclusion: The SMp TCP/NTCP models have strong probabilistic-radiobiological foundations; and they are simpler than other currently usedmodels, such as LKB NTCP model. Also, the simulators are based on BRE criteria, and do not employ TCP/NTCP formulas, but their own probabilistic definitions. The proposed models andt heir parameters can be easily familiarized and applied in RT, BT, and RP.

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