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A Holographic Augmented Reality Guidance System for Patient Alignment : A Feasibility Study

R Cardan

R Cardan*, E Covington , R Popple , UAB University of Alabama, Birmingham, Birmingham, AL


WE-RAM2-GePD-T-1 (Wednesday, August 2, 2017) 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Room: Therapy ePoster Lounge

Purpose: To evaluate the accuracy of a holographic guidance system for potential use in patient alignment in radiotherapy applications.

Methods: A cubic phantom was scanned on a CT simulator and a 3D mesh was extracted using the Eclipse Scripting API. An application built for the Microsoft Hololens was created to allow users to see the scanned mesh as a hologram overlaid in the treatment vault. 6 therapists were equipped with the Hololens glasses and instructed to move the real phantom to align with the perceived spatial hologram using only couch controls. The initial couch coordinates were recorded and then recorded at each step as the therapist moved the phantom to each new location. The application shifted the hologram into one of ten possible pre-programmed positions, which positioned the phantom hologram in a combination of the vertical, longitudinal, and lateral axis of the couch up to 23 cm. The absolute position difference between the holographic world and real world phantom were recorded at each step. Also the relative position from one position to the next were recorded.

Results: 60 shifts were collected across the 6 therapists, but only 50 where inside the range of couch motion. The mean difference between the physical position and instructed holographic position was 0.58 ± 0.31 cm for relative shifts, and 0.51 ± 0.33 cm for absolute position. The maximum difference between the holographic position and the actual post shift position was 1.53 cm for relative and 1.58 cm for absolute.

Conclusion: Holographic augmented reality guidance using the Microsoft Hololens provides adequate accuracy for intial treatment alignment but lacks the fine alignment accuracy of x-ray imaging systems.

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