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Program Information

  Treatment Planning I Sunday - 7/30/2017
Therapy SNAP Oral 1:00 PM - 1:55 PM Room: Four Seasons 2

Moderator 1: Shu-Jung Yu, Standford Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Derek Brown, University of California, San Diego

1:00 PM
SU-E-FS2-1 : An Efficient Approach to Impose Hard Constraints in Radiation Therapy Inverse Treatment Planning
X. Liu*, A. Belcher, R. Wiersma
1:07 PM
SU-E-FS2-2 : Automated Treatment Planning: Generating Choices Using Population-Based DVH Tradeoff Exploration
M. Folkerts*, W. Lu, S. Jiang, T. Long
1:14 PM
SU-E-FS2-3 : Correcting TG 119 Confidence Interval Formalism Using Bayesian Statistics
V. Kearney*, T. Solberg, G. Valdes
1:21 PM
SU-E-FS2-4 : Development and Validation of a Comprehensive Remote Review Tool for Treatment Planning Quality Assurance for Multicenter Clinical Trials
Y. Yan*, R. Timmerman
1:28 PM
SU-E-FS2-5 : Genetic Algorithm Based Script for Planning Automation: Preliminary Results for Prostate Cancer
E. Gallio*, A. Alparone, C. Fiandra, C. Vecchi, G. Balestra, R. Ragona, U. Ricardi
1:35 PM
SU-E-FS2-6 : Knowledge-Based Automatic Treatment Planning for Prostate IMRT Using 3-Dimensional Dose Prediction and Threshold-Based Optimization
M. Folkerts*, T. Long, R. Radke, W. Lu, X. Jia, X. Gu, M. Chen, S. Jiang
1:42 PM
SU-E-FS2-7 : Semi-Automatic Fluence Modification Method to Reduce Hot Spots for Electronic Irregular Surface Compensation
S. Sugimoto*
1:49 PM
SU-E-FS2-8 : Use of Eclipse Scripting API to Ensure Plan Integrity for Patient Specific Quality Assurance
D. DiCostanzo*, A. Ayan, J. Woollard, N. Gupta