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Program Information

  Treatment Planning II Sunday - 7/30/2017
Therapy SNAP Oral 2:05 PM - 3:00 PM Room: Four Seasons 2

Moderator 1: Justin Roper, Emory Univ
Moderator 2: Adam Yock

2:05 PM
SU-F-FS2-1 : Direct Dose Comparison of Linac-Based Total Body and Total Marrow Irradiation Treatment Plans
G. Warrell*, V. Colussi, D. Mansur, W. Swanson, G. Pereira
2:12 PM
SU-F-FS2-2 : Dosimetric Evaluation On the Reduction of Rib Dose in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) of Peripheral Lung Tumors Proximal to Chest Wall Using Field-In-Field (FiF) Technique and Monte Carlo Based Calculation Algorithm
E. Sam Jeyakumar*, N. Demez, F. Wang, R. Badkul
2:19 PM
SU-F-FS2-3 : Dosimetric Verification of Gated IMRT Utilizing An In-House Developed Dynamic QA Device
C. Liu*, K. Xie, D. Pearson, N. Sperling, E. Parsai
2:26 PM
SU-F-FS2-4 : Improving Multi-Target Intracranial SRS Plan Evaluation with Scripting
C. Mayo*, D. Roberts, K. Younge, K. Lam, K. Younge, J. Mikell, D. Litzenberg, P. Archer, B. Yanke, J. Wilkinson
2:33 PM
SU-F-FS2-5 : Increasing Couch and Gantry Trajectory Resolution in Order to Approximate Dynamic Non-Coplanar VMAT
L. MacDonald*, C. Kamerling, A. Sch├Ątti, J. Robar, C. Thomas
2:40 PM
SU-F-FS2-6 : Study of Tumor Control and Dose-Volume Dependence for Normal Tissue Toxicity in Patients Treated with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Loco-Regional Tumor Recurrences in Abdominal and Pelvic Regions
I. Dragojevic*, D. Rahn, V. Moiseenko
2:47 PM
SU-F-FS2-7 : Variable Dose-Rate Conformal Arc Planning for Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
B. Zhang*, M. Lee, S. Chen, W. D'Souza, K. Prado, B. Yi
2:54 PM
SU-F-FS2-8 : A Multi-Institutional Study of Independent Dose Verification Using a New Clarkson Method That Accounts for Lateral Scatter in Inhomogeneous Media
S. Jinno*, H. Tachibana, S. Moriya, N. Mizuno, R. Takahashi, T. Kamima, S. Ishibashi, M. Sato