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Program Information

  Ultrasound Imaging and Guidance of Radiation Therapy Sunday - 7/30/2017
Ultrasound SNAP Oral 2:05 PM - 3:00 PM Room: 708

Moderator 1: Xiaofeng Yang, Emory University
Moderator 2: J. Adam Cunha, UC San Francisco

2:05 PM
SU-F-708-1 : In Vivo Detection of Radiation-Induced Acoustic Waves for Treatment Delivery Verification: A Simulation Study
S. Hickling*, M. Hobson, M. Renaud, I. El Naqa
2:12 PM
SU-F-708-2 : Pseudo-CT Scan Creation Using Registration of Transabdominal Ultrasound Volumes of a Prostate Cancer Patient
S. Camps*, S. van der Meer, F. Verhaegen, D. Fontanarosa
2:19 PM
SU-F-708-3 : An Automatic 3D Ultrasound Image Registration Algorithm for Daily Prostate Localization in Radiotherapy
H. Zhou, H. Rivaz, A. Grimwood*, H. McNair, A. Tree, E. Harris
2:26 PM
SU-F-708-4 : Respiration-Induced Landmark Motion Tracking in Ultrasound Guided Radiotherapy
P. Huang*, D. Li, K. Cao, Q. Song, P. Kazanzides, I. Iordachita, M. Bell, J. Wong, K. Ding
2:33 PM
SU-F-708-5 : Tolerance Levels and Trends in Ultrasound Transducer Depth of Penetration Performance: A Retrospective Study
C. Brunnquell*, Z. Li, J. Zagzebski
2:40 PM
SU-F-708-6 : Machine Setting and Phantom Dependencies On Objective Measurement of Ultrasound System Sensitivity
Z. Li*, C. Brunnquell, J. Zagzebski
2:47 PM
SU-F-708-7 : In Vivo Validation of Ultrasound Intrafraction Motion Monitoring in Prostate Radiotherapy Patients
A. Grimwood*, H. McNair, T. O'Shea, S. Mason, A. Tree, E. Harris