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Program Information

  Image Analysis and Learning Sunday - 7/30/2017
Joint Imaging-Therapy SNAP Oral 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Four Seasons 4

Moderator 1: Paul Keall, University of Sydney
Moderator 2: Josh Star-Lack, Varian Medical Systems

4:00 PM
SU-K-FS4-1 : An Optimized Machine Learning Algorithm for the Automated Classification of Benign and Malignant Lesions in [F-18]-NaF PET/CT Images
T. Perk*, T. Bradshaw, S. Chen, H. Im, S. Cho, S. Perlman, G. Liu, R. Jeraj
4:07 PM
SU-K-FS4-2 : Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Tumor Segmentation On MRI Images with Multiple Sequences Using Learning Combined with Semi-Automatic Segmentation Methods
Y. Hu*, H. Veeraraghavan, J. Jiang, N. Tyagi, G. Mageras
4:14 PM
SU-K-FS4-3 : A Complete Development of MRI-Only Based Automated Detection Algorithm of Low-Dose Rate Brachytherapy Seeds for Post Implant Dosimetry Applications
R. Nosrati*, H. Safigholi, A. Shaaer, G. Morton, A. Pejović-Milić, W. Song
4:21 PM
SU-K-FS4-4 : Motion Representation in 4DCBCT: Impact of Reconstruction Algorithms and Surrogates
E. Steiner*, C. Shieh, V. Caillet, N. Hardcastle, C. Haddad, T. Eade, J. Booth, P. Keall
4:28 PM
SU-K-FS4-5 : Mapping Endoscope Images to CT: Methods and Uncertainties
W. Ingram*, J. Yang, J. Qiu, R. Weersink, B. Beadle, R. Wendt, A. Rao, X. Wang, L. Court
4:35 PM
SU-K-FS4-6 : Automatic Delineation Strategy for Brain Metastases Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Y. Liu*, S. Stojadinovic, B. Hrycushko, Z. Wardak, W. Lu, Y. Yan, S. Jiang, X. Zhen, R. Timmerman, R. Abdulrahman, L. Nedzi, X. Gu
4:42 PM
SU-K-FS4-7 : Quantitative Comparison of Two Prompt-Gamma Image Reconstruction Algorithms Using Compton Camera Detection Systems
I. Valencia Lozano*, G. Dedes, D. Mackin, A. Zoglauer, E. Draeger, H. Chen, S. Beddar, S. Aldawood, S. Liprandi, A. Miani, M. Mayerhofer, P. Thirolf, J. Polf, K. Parodi
4:49 PM
SU-K-FS4-8 : Principal Component Reconstruction (PCR) for Cine CBCT with Motion Learning From 2D Fluoroscopy
H. Gao*, Y. Zhang, L. Ren, F. Yin
4:56 PM
SU-K-FS4-9 : Introduction of a Pseudo Force in Demons DIR Algorithm for Improved Image Reconstruction of Time-Resolved 4DMRI
A. Sun*, J. Moody, G. Li
5:03 PM
SU-K-FS4-10 : Novel Strategies to Improve Image Quality in a Multi-Layer Imager (MLI)
Y. Hu*, R. Fueglistaller, R. Fueglistaller, J. Rottmann, M. Myronakis, A. Wang, P. Huber, D. Morf, J. Star-Lack, R. Berbeco
5:10 PM
SU-K-FS4-11 : High-Speed KV-CBCT-Imaging with a Faster Linac Gantry Rotation: 3D Imaging Within One Breath-Hold
A. Arns*, J. Fleckenstein, F. Schneider, V. Steil, F. Wenz, H. Wertz
5:17 PM
SU-K-FS4-12 : High-Resolution CT Image Reconstruction Using Sparse-Coding-Based Deep Learning
X. Yang*, Y. Lei, K. Higgins, Z. Zhou, X. Jiang, W. Curran
5:24 PM
SU-K-FS4-13 : Dose Reduction in X-Ray Computed Tomography Via a Deep-Learning Approach
Y. Gonzalez*, C. Shen, B. Li, P. Klages, X. Jia
5:31 PM
SU-K-FS4-14 : A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Cone-Beam CT Artefacts Reduction
J. Xu*, X. Han, L. Hibbard, V. Willcut
5:38 PM
SU-K-FS4-15 : Radiation Therapy Application of a Novel Split-Filter Dual-Energy CT (DECT) to Improve Pancreas and Liver GTV Contrast
L. Di Maso*, J. Huang, M. Bassetti, L. DeWerd, J. Miller
5:45 PM
SU-K-FS4-16 : Shading Correction for Cone Beam CT in Radiation Therapy Via Sparse Sampling On Planning CT
L. Shi*, T. Tsui, J. Wei, L. Zhu
5:52 PM
SU-K-FS4-17 : A Unified Image Reconstruction Framework for Quantitative Dual- and Triple-Energy CT Imaging of Material Decomposition
W. Zhao*, B. Han, D. Vernekohl, H. Liu, J. Min, G. Xiong, L. Xing