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Program Information

  New Treatment Devices and Approaches Monday - 7/31/2017
Therapy Scientific Session 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Four Seasons 1

Moderator 1: Eduardo Moros, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Ross Berbeco, Brigham and Women's Hospital

4:30 PM
MO-F-FS1-1 : A New Concept for Generating a Flat Dose Distribution Without a Flattening Filter
T. Tsubouchi*, M. Yagi, I. SUMIDA, K. OGAWA
4:40 PM
MO-F-FS1-2 : Effect of Magnetic Field On Stability of a Novel Dose Calculation Algorithm for MR-IGRT
O. Zelyak*, B. Fallone, J. St. Aubin
4:50 PM
MO-F-FS1-3 : Efficiency and Efficacy of Intensity Modulated Treatments On a Prototype Linear Accelerator
T. Netherton*, Y. Li, P. Nitsch, P. Balter, S. Gao, M. Muruganandham, S. Shaitelman, R. McCarroll, S. Frank, S. Hahn, A. Klopp, L. Court
5:00 PM
MO-F-FS1-4 : Fast Computational Optimization Method for Rotating-Shield Brachytherapy Treatment Planning
M. Cho*, X. Wu, H. Dadkhah, R. Flynn, Y. Kim, W. Xu
5:10 PM
MO-F-FS1-5 : Linac X-Ray Beam Spot Measurement Using MLC Or Jaws
M. Cassese*, A. Purwar, J. Star-Lack
5:20 PM
MO-F-FS1-6 : Microbeam Radiation Is More Effective and Safe Than Conventional Radiation in Enhancing Tumor Delivery of Nanoscale Anti-Cancer Drugs
S. Chang*, J. Rivera, L. Herity, L. Price, A. Madden, J. Roques, C. Santos, D. Darr, W. Zamboni
5:30 PM
MO-F-FS1-7 : Performance of a Multi Leaf Collimator System for MR-Guided Radiation Therapy
B. Cai*, H. Li, D. Yang, V. Rodriguez, A. Curcuru, Y. Wang, J. Wen, R. Kashani, S. Mutic, O. Green
5:40 PM
MO-F-FS1-8 : VMAT Optimization with Dynamic Collimator Rotation
Q. Lyu*, D. Ruan, D. Nguyen, D. O'Connor, K. Sheng
5:50 PM
MO-F-FS1-9 : VMAT Performance Assessment for Novel Straight-Through Linac with Prototype Fast Jawless MLC Collimation and Rapid Gantry Rotation
C. Kennedy*, R. Scheuermann, M. Constantin, S. Anamalayil, D. Mihailidis, L. Dong, J. Metz