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Program Information

  MRI Tuesday - 8/1/2017
Imaging Scientific Session 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Room: 601

Moderator 1: Ken-Pin Hwang, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Yunhong Shu, Mayo Clinic

7:30 AM
TU-AB-601-1 : An Equilibrium Model for Characterization and Classification of Dominant Intraprostatic Lesions and Normal Tissues in Patients with Prostate Cancer
H. Bagher-Ebadian*, B. Janic, c. liu, M. Pantelic, D. Hearshen, I. Chetty, M. Elshaikh, B. Movsas, N. Wen
7:40 AM
TU-AB-601-2 : Application of Diffusion Weighted MRI for Target Delineation in Radiotherapy for Glioblastoma
O. Morin*, M. Wahl, K. Jordan, M. Held, M. Anwar, J. Lupo, S. Braunstein
7:50 AM
TU-AB-601-3 : Assessment of the Accuracy of DIR On MR Images Using Velocity and An In-House Demons Algorithm
R. Ger*, J. Yang, Y. Ding, M. Jacobsen, C. Fuller, R. Howell, H. Li, R. Stafford, S. Zhou, L. Court
8:00 AM
TU-AB-601-4 : Comparison of Parameter Calculation Algorithms for DCE-MRI: Results From a Multi-Institutional Study
R. Ger*, A. Mohamed, M. Awan, Y. Ding, K. Li, X. Fave, A. Beers, B. Driscoll, H. Elhalawani, D. Hormuth, P. van Houdt, R. He, S. Zhou, K. Mathieu, H. Li, C. Coolens, C. Chung, J. Bankson, W. Huang, J. Wang, V. Sandulache, S. Lai, R. Howell, R. Stafford, T. Yankeelov, U. van der Heide, S. Frank, D. Barboriak, J. Hazle, L. Court, J. Kalpathy-Cramer, C. Fuller
8:10 AM
TU-AB-601-5 : Comparison of Two Methods for Patient Specific Distortion Corrections for MR Only Treatment Planning
S. Weiss*, S. Nejad-Davarani, S. Renisch, C. Glide-Hurst
8:20 AM
TU-AB-601-6 : Cortical Gray Matter Volume Changes in Essential Tremor Subgroups
E. Cameron*, J. Dyke, E. Louis, U. Dydak
8:30 AM
TU-AB-601-7 : Denoising of Resting State MRI Signal Fluctuation Using Machine Classifiers for Cerebrovascular Reactivity Mapping
E. Gates*, A. Hsu, P. Wang, P. Hou, R. Colen, A. Kumar, S. Prabhu, H. Liu
8:40 AM
TU-AB-601-8 : Evaluation of the Impact of Eddy Current and Excitation Corrections On ADC Map Uniformity
C. MacLellan*, J. Yung, K. Hwang, R. Stafford
8:50 AM
TU-AB-601-9 : Quantitative Evaluation of Excitation Angle Strategy Effects On Detection Accuracy of Hyperpolarized Pyruvate Metabolism
C. Walker*, J. Bankson
9:00 AM
TU-AB-601-10 : Rapid Internal Normalization of Spectroscopic MRI Maps Using a Gaussian Mixture Model
S. Gurbani*, E. Schreibmann, S. Sheriff, C. Holder, L. Cooper, A. Maudsley, H. Shim
9:10 AM
TU-AB-601-11 : The Effectiveness of Deformable and Rigid-Body Registration On Estimating Pharmacokinetic Parameters of DCE-MRI of Esophageal Cancer Patients
J. Lee*, J. Ma, B. Carter, L. Court, S. Lin