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Program Information

  Radiomics and Image Analysis Tuesday - 8/1/2017
Joint Imaging-Therapy Scientific Session 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Four Seasons 4

Moderator 1: Lei Xing, Stanford Univ School of Medicine
Moderator 2: Issam El Naqa, University of Michigan

4:30 PM
TU-H-FS4-1 : Rectal Toxicity Prediction in Cervical Cancer Radiotherapy Using Support Vector Machine and Deformable Accumulated Surface Dose
J. Chen*, H. Chen, Z. Zhong, B. Hrycushko, L. Zhou, S. Jiang, K. Albuquerque, X. Zhen, X. Gu
4:40 PM
TU-H-FS4-2 : Automatic Recognition of Streak Artifacts In CT Region of Interests Using Gradient Direction Distribution Method for Radiomics Analysis
L. Wei*, B. Rosen, A. Eisbruch, D. Thakkar, R. Nguyen, I. El Naqa
4:50 PM
TU-H-FS4-3 : The Effect of Reducing Milliamp Seconds On Computed Tomography Radiomics Features
D. Mackin*, R. Ger, X. Fave, L. Zhang, J. Yang, S. Bache, P. Chi, A. Jones, C. Dodge, L. Court
5:00 PM
TU-H-FS4-4 : A Support Tensor Machine Based Algorithm for Distant Failure Prediction in Lung SBRT
S. Li*, B. Li, Z. Zhou, N. Yang, H. Hao, M. Folkert, K. Westover, P. Iyengar, R. Timmerman, H. Choy, S. Jiang, J. Wang
5:10 PM
TU-H-FS4-5 : Radiomics Prediction Model for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer
J. Wang*, H. Zhong, L. Shen, P. Hu, J. Gan, R. Luo, z. zhou, W. Hu, Z. Zhang
5:20 PM
TU-H-FS4-6 : The Impact of Deformable Image Registration On the Robustness of Radiomic Features
K. Chou, K. Latifi, E. Moros*, V. Feygelman, T. Huang, T. Dilling, B. Perez, G. Zhang
5:30 PM
TU-H-FS4-7 : Normal Liver Radiation Dose-Response Modeling in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients with Longitudinal Sulfur Colloid SPECT/CT Imaging
R. Price*, S. Schaub, M. Nyflot, T. Chapman, M. Matesan, H. Vesselle, S. Apisarnthanarax, S. Bowen
5:40 PM
TU-H-FS4-8 : Statistical DVH Dashboard: A Scalable Solution for Bringing Big Data to Treatment Plan Evaluation
C. Mayo*, J. Yao, D. Litzenberg, M. Kessler, M. Matuszak, J. Moran, J. Balter, A. Eisbruch, G. Weyburn, R. Ten Haken
5:50 PM
TU-H-FS4-9 : Development of An MRI Radiomics Phantom
J. Yang*, A. Steinmann, D. Mackin, R. Stafford, D. Followill, J. Li, L. Court