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Program Information

  Multi-Energy CT Wednesday - 8/2/2017
Imaging Scientific Session 10:15 AM - 12:15 PM Room: 605

Moderator 1: Lifeng Yu, Mayo Clinic
Moderator 2: Taly Schmidt, Marquette University

10:15 AM
WE-DE-605-1 : A New Approach to Realize and Reconstruct Multi-Energy Cone-Beam CT for Radiotherapy
B. Li*, C. Shen, Y. Chi, M. Yang, X. Jia
10:25 AM
WE-DE-605-2 : Noise Suppression in Multi-Material Decomposition of Dual Energy CT Using Boundary Discrimination Regularization
Y. Xue, Y. Jiang, C. Yang*, T. Niu
10:35 AM
WE-DE-605-3 : Spectral Photon-Counting Computed Tomography for Classification of Liver Lesions
D. Muenzel, H. Daer, R. Proksa, A. Fingerle, F. Kopp, P. Douek, J. Herzen, F. Pfeiffer, E. Rummeny, P. Noel*
10:45 AM
WE-DE-605-4 : Dual-Layer Detector Spectral CT Performance: Quantitative Accuracy and Precision of Iodine Concentration Measurements
X. Zhao*, T. Hameed, G. Hutchins, Y. Liang
10:55 AM
WE-DE-605-5 : Enhancing Tumor Contrast and Contrast-To-Noise Ratio for Improved Tumor Targeting During Liver SBRT Using Mono-Energetic Decompositions of Dual Energy CT
G. Noid*, J. Robbins, A. Tai, X. Li
11:05 AM
WE-DE-605-6 : Beam Hardening Correction Using Eigentissue Decomposition On DECT Raw Data
M. Simard*, H. Bouchard
11:15 AM
WE-DE-605-7 : Evaluation of Accurate Iodine Content in the Context of Radiotherapy Application
A. Lapointe*, A. Lalonde, H. Bahig, J. Carrier, S. Bedwani, H. Bouchard
11:25 AM
WE-DE-605-8 : Spectral CT Reconstruction Via Patch-Based Low-Rank and Sparse Matrix Decomposition
S. Niu*, J. Ma, J. Wang
11:35 AM
WE-DE-605-9 : Reduction of Blooming Effects in High Resolution Imaging of Arterial Walls Using Photon-Counting CT
K. Rajendran*, S. Leng, S. Jorgensen, E. Ritman, C. McCollough
11:45 AM
WE-DE-605-10 : Material Decomposition with Prior Information Compressive Sensing
A. Haga*, D. Sakata, J. Kotoku, T. Magome, T. Imae, K. Nawa, K. Nakagawa
11:55 AM
WE-DE-605-11 : Metal Artifact Reduction and Dose Efficiency Improvement On Photon Counting CT Using An Additional Tin Filter
W. Zhou*, D. Abdurakhimova, K. Rajendran, C. McCollough, S. Leng
12:05 PM
WE-DE-605-12 : Estimating the Degree of Iodine Load Reduction with Monoenergetic Images Synthesized From Spectral CT
S. Merchant*, T. Merchant, Y. Yagil, D. Tsang, C. Hua