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Program Information

  Applications of Imaging in Proton Therapy Wednesday - 8/2/2017
Joint Imaging-Therapy Scientific Session 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: 605

Moderator 1: Charles Bloch, University of Washington
Moderator 2: Tianye Niu, Zhejiang University

4:30 PM
WE-G-605-1 : JACK FOWLER JUNIOR INVESTIGATOR COMPETITION WINNER: First Clinical Prompt Gamma Imaging for in Vivo Range Verification in Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy
Y. Xie*, E. Bentefour, G. Janssens, J. Smeets, F. Vander Stappen, L. Hotoiu, L. Yin, D. Dolney, S. Avery, F. O'Grady, D. Prieels, J. McDonough, T. Solberg, R. Lustig, A. Lin, B. Teo
4:50 PM
WE-G-605-2 : BEST IN PHYSICS (JOINT IMAGING-THERAPY): Using FDG PET and CT Radiomics Features to Predict FMISO Uptake in Head and Neck Cancer
M. Crispin Ortuzar*, A. Apte, M. Grkovski, J. Oh, N. Lee, J. Humm, J. Deasy
5:00 PM
WE-G-605-3 : A Bayesian Method to Derive Proton Stopping Powers of Human Tissues From Multi-Energy CT Data
A. Lalonde*, E. Baer, H. Bouchard
5:10 PM
WE-G-605-4 : Fourier Space Guided RACT Design and Simulation
M. Klem*, V. Moskvin, J. Farr, K. Stantz
5:20 PM
WE-G-605-5 : Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Verification of the Spatial Resolution and Stopping Power Accuracy of Ion Radiography/tomography
C. Collins-Fekete*, L. Volz, P. Piersimoni, C. Ordonez, V. Bashkirov, G. Coutrakon, R. Johnson, L. Beaulieu, R. Schulte, J. Seco
5:30 PM
WE-G-605-6 : Effects of Tissue Heterogeneity On Acoustic-Based Proton Range Verification: Simulation Studies
K. Jones*, W. Nie, J. Chu, J. Turian, A. Kassaee, C. Sehgal, S. Avery
5:40 PM
WE-G-605-7 : Low-Fluence Proton Radiography and CT for In-Room Patient Alignment and Range Verification
T. Plautz*, V. Bashkirov, R. Johnson, C. Ordonez, H. Sadrozinski, R. Schulte
5:50 PM
WE-G-605-8 : The Effect of Image Noise On Proton Range Estimation Based On Dual-Energy Vs. Photon-Counting-Detector CT
V. Taasti*, G. Michalak, L. Muren, J. Petersen, D. Hansen, C. McCollough