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Program Information

  Radiomics and Quantitative Imaging Thursday - 8/3/2017
Joint Imaging-Therapy Scientific Session 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Room: 201

Moderator 1: Ning Yue, Rutgers-Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical
Moderator 2: Hyunsuk Shim, Emory University

7:30 AM
TH-AB-201-1 : BEST IN PHYSICS (JOINT IMAGING-THERAPY): A Radiomics Approach to Predict Local-Regional Failure for Advanced Head-And-Neck Cancer Using Pre-Treatment and Early Follow-Up CTs
X. Wang*, K. Nie, S. Sozio, A. Khan, N. Yue, S. Kim
7:40 AM
TH-AB-201-2 : Radiogenomics in Meningioma: Associations Between Chromosome Copy Number Variation and Radiographic Features
T. Coroller*, W. Bi, N. Greenwald, E. Huynh, R. Zeleznik, C. Parmar, M. Abedalthagafi, A. Aizer, W. Wu, S. Gupta, P. Wen, O. Al-Mefty, S. Santagata, I. Dunn, R. Beroukhim, B. Alexander, R. Huang, H. Aerts
7:50 AM
TH-AB-201-3 : PET-Based Radiomics to Predict Outcomes Following Definitive Chemoradiotherapy for Oropharyngeal Cancer
J. Oh*, M. Folkert, J. Setton, A. Apte, M. Grkovski, R. Young, H. Schöder, W. Thorstad, N. Lee, J. Deasy
8:00 AM
TH-AB-201-4 : Impact of Algorithmic Implementation On Quantitative Texture Feature Values
J. Foy*, K. Mendel, H. Li, M. Giger, H. Al-Hallaq, S. Armato
8:10 AM
TH-AB-201-5 : A Radiomics Approach for Hyper-Dimensional Lung Function Mapping
K. Lafata*, J. Cai, C. Kelsey, F. Yin
8:20 AM
TH-AB-201-6 : Harmonization of Radiomic Features On Planning CT and On-Board CBCT
R. Geng*, K. Lafata, Y. Zhang, F. Yin
8:30 AM
TH-AB-201-7 : Quantifying Daily Changes in Cone-Beam CT Radiomics to Predict Radiation-Induced Long-Term Xerostomia
B. Rosen*, K. Brock, C. Lockhart, J. Kamp, A. Eisbruch, R. Ten Haken, I. El Naqa
8:40 AM
TH-AB-201-8 : Prediction of Acute Xerostomia Based On CT Texture Changes During Radiation Therapy for Nasopharyngeal Cancer
X. Yang*, X. Chen, H. WU, Y. TAO, H. CHANG, X. Deng, Y. XIA, X. Li
8:50 AM
TH-AB-201-9 : Somatic Mutations Drive Distinct Imaging Phenotypes in Lung Cancer
C. Parmar*, E. Rios Velazquez, Y. Liu, T. Coroller, G. Cruz, O. Stringfield, Z. Ye, G. Makrigiorgos, F. Fennessy, R. Mak, R. Gillies, J. Quackenbush, H. Aerts
9:00 AM
TH-AB-201-10 : Radiomics Analysis of Pulmonary Nodules in Low Dose CT for Early Detection of Lung Cancer
W. Choi*, J. Oh, S. Riyahi Alam, F. Jiang, W. Chen, J. Deasy, W. Lu
9:10 AM
TH-AB-201-11 : Predicting Risk in NSCLC Patients Using Learned Tumor Sub-Region Appearance From Quantitative Features in CT Images
R. Neph*, K. Sheng
9:20 AM
TH-AB-201-12 : Radiomics-Based Treatment Outcome Prediction Based On Belief Function Theory and Sparsity Learning
Z. Zhu*, T. Mazur, C. Lian, S. Ruan, M. Anastasio, J. Wu, B. McClain, J. Williamson, P. Grigsby, S. Mutic, H. Li