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Program Information

  4D Imaging Thursday - 8/3/2017
Joint Imaging-Therapy Scientific Session 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Room: 605

Moderator 1: Jing Wang, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Moderator 2: Amit Sawant, University of Maryland School of Medicine

1:00 PM
TH-EF-605-1 : Toward Fully 4D PET Image Reconstruction
I. Häggström*, Y. Lin, A. Krol, Y. Xu, C. Schmidtlein
1:10 PM
TH-EF-605-2 : Quantification of Breathing Irregularity-Induced Geometric Uncertainties in 4DCT
P. Sabouri*, T. Arai, A. Sawant
1:20 PM
TH-EF-605-3 : Characterizing and Validating Patient Specific High Resolution Lung Elasticity From 4DCT Imaging
K. Hasse*, J. Neylon, Y. Min, D. O'Connell, D. Low, A. Santhanam
1:30 PM
TH-EF-605-4 : The VAMPIRE Challenge: Results of An International Multi-Institutional Validation Study to Evaluate CT Ventilation Imaging Algorithms
J. Kipritidis*, G. Cazoulat, B. Tahir, M. Hofman, S. Siva, J. Callahan, T. Yamamoto, G. Christensen, J. Reinhardt, N. Kadoya, T. Patton, S. Gerard, I. Duarte, B. Archibald-Heeren, M. Byrne, R. Sims, E. Eslick, F. Hegi-Johnson, H. Woodruff, R. Ireland, J. Wild, J. Cai, J. Bayouth, K. Brock, P. Keall
1:40 PM
TH-EF-605-5 : Liver 4D-CBCT Imaging by a Motion Modeling and Biomechanical Modeling-Guided Reconstruction Technique (MM-Bio-Recon)
Y. Zhang*, J. Meyer, L. Ren, J. Nasehi Tehrani, J. Wang
1:50 PM
TH-EF-605-6 : Implementation of Volumetric Dynamic Keyhole (VDK) Using Normalized Mutual Information Through Respiratory-Phase Matching
B. Lewis*, D. Lee, S. Kim, T. Kim
2:00 PM
TH-EF-605-7 : A Dual-Purpose MR Acquisition for Combined 4D-MRI and Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Imaging
B. Stemkens*, C. van den Berg, T. Bruijnen, F. Prins, L. Kerkmeijer, J. Lagendijk, R. Tijssen
2:10 PM
TH-EF-605-8 : End-To-End Evaluation of 4D-Dose Reconstruction Accuracy for Intra-Fractional Motion in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in High-Risk Prostate Cancer
N. Hassan Rezaeian*, Y. Chi, R. Hannan, X. Jia
2:20 PM
TH-EF-605-9 : Rapid High Resolution Quality Assurance Phantom and Protocol for 6D Robotic Couches
A. Wiles*, T. Knewtson, E. Izaguirre
2:30 PM
TH-EF-605-10 : A Novel Method Using Surface Monitoring to Capture Breathing-Induced Cycle-To-Cycle Variations with 4DCT
P. Sabouri*, M. Foote, M. Ranjbar, M. Tajdini, S. Mossahebi, S. Joshi, A. Sawant
2:40 PM
TH-EF-605-11 : Self-Navigated, Respiratory-Correlated 4D-MRI with Switchable Contrast Modes
E. Paulson*, N. Mickevicius
2:50 PM
TH-EF-605-12 : Clinical Experience with Monitoring Frequency of Intra-Fraction Patient Motion Using the ExacTrac System for SRS Treatments
B. Lewis*, W. Snyder, G. Hugo, S. Kim, T. Kim