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Program Information

  US Guidance for RT Interventions Monday - 7/31/2017
SAM Ultrasound Educational Course 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM Room: 708

Moderator: Bill Salter, University Utah

1:45 PM - 3:45 PM
MO-DE-708-0 : US Guidance for RT Interventions
D. Fontanarosa*, K. Ding*, D. Hristov*
  1:45 PM

Ultrasound as a Quantitative Image Guided Modality in Radiotherapy
D. Fontanarosa*
  2:10 PM

Ultrasound Guided Radiotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer
K. Ding*
  2:35 PM

US Perspectives in Radiotherapy: Robotic, Functional, and Molecular Image Guidance
D. Hristov*
3:00 PM
MO-DE-708-4 : A Hands-Free MR-Compatible Volumetric Ultrasound Probe for Real-Time Motion Management During External Beam Radiotherapy
B. Bednarz*, W. Lee, D. Mills, D. Shoudy, H. Chan, J. Sabatini, E. Fiveland, B. Wang, J. Mitra, R. Darrow, W. Culberson, A. Shepard, C. Matrosic, A. McMillan, J. Holmes, J. Zagzebski, S. Smith, T. Foo
3:10 PM
MO-DE-708-5 : 3D Spatial Compounding Using the Clarity System Improves Ultrasound Image Quality in Gynecological Image-Guided Radiotherapy
S. Mason*, T. O'Shea, I. White, H. McNair, M. Blackledge, S. Laldondrelle, J. Bamber, E. Harris
3:20 PM
MO-DE-708-6 : In-Vivo Comparison of Real-Time 4D Ultrasound Tracking with Electromagnetic Transponders in the Liver During Free Breathing
S. Ipsen*, R. Bruder, E. Worm, R. Hansen, P. Poulsen, M. Høyer, A. Schweikard
3:30 PM
MO-DE-708-7 : CT Scan Based Patient-Specific Transperineal Ultrasound Probe Setups for Image Guided Radiotherapy
S. Camps*, F. Verhaegen, P. de With, D. Fontanarosa