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Program Information

  CT Sunday - 7/30/2017
Imaging SNAP Oral 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: 201

Moderator 1: Michael McNitt-Gray, UCLA School of Medicine
Moderator 2: Ke Li, University of Wisconsin-Madison

4:00 PM
SU-K-201-1 : A Low-Dose Prospective First-Pass Analysis Dynamic CT Perfusion Technique for Accurate Myocardial Perfusion Measurement
L. Hubbard*, s. malkasian, B. Dertli, J. Kwon, P. Abbona, S. Molloi
4:07 PM
SU-K-201-2 : The Effect of Dose Reduction On the Accuracy of First-Pass Analysis Dynamic CT Myocardial Perfusion Measurement
L. Hubbard*, s. malkasian, B. Dertli, J. Kwon, P. Abbona, S. Molloi
4:14 PM
SU-K-201-3 : A Smartphone Application for Organ Dose Estimation in CT, Tomosynthesis, and Radiography
J. Hoye*, Y. Zhang, W. Fu, P. Sahbaee, A. Kapadia, P. Segars, E. Samei
4:21 PM
SU-K-201-4 : Estimating Patient Water Equivalent Diameter From Localizer Radiographs -- Stability of Calibration Across Scanners, Vendors, Beam Directions, and Image Filters
D. Zhang*, G. Mihai, M. Palmer
4:28 PM
SU-K-201-5 : A Method for Assessment of Scan Length and Size Specific Energy Absorption in CT
X. Li*, K. Yang, M. DeLorenzo, B. Liu
4:35 PM
SU-K-201-6 : Prospective Determination of Manufacturer Calculated CTDIVOL for Use in CT Protocol Development and Optimization
R. Herrera*, D. Gauntt
4:42 PM
SU-K-201-7 : Dose Reduction Potential for Axial Step-And-Shoot CT Protocols Compared to Helical CT Acquisition
M. Seal, E. Somasundaram, N. Artz, R. Kaufman, S. Brady*
4:49 PM
SU-K-201-8 : Experimental Validation of Radimetrics Estimated Organ Doses in Computed Tomography Examinations Using Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor Detector in Phantom Measurements
S. Zhang*, B. Peng, S. Jambawalikar, A. Einstein, T. Lin, M. Liu, S. Trattner, R. Al-Senan
4:56 PM
SU-K-201-9 : A Pilot Study Evaluating the Robustness of Density Mask Scoring (RA-950), a Quantitative Measure of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, to CT Parameter Selection Using a High-Throughput, Automated, Computational Research Pipeline
J. Hoffman*, H. Kim, J. Goldin, M. Brown, M. McNitt-Gray
5:03 PM
SU-K-201-10 : Robustness and Accuracy of An Automated Solution for Measuring Image Noise, Spatial Resolution, Contrast, and Dose in Clinical CT Images: Efforts Towards Patient-Specific Quantifications of CT Image Quality and Radiation Dose
A. Ding*, T. Smith, E. Abadi, F. Ria, J. Wilson, E. Samei
5:10 PM
SU-K-201-11 : Adaptive Direction-Dependent Regularization for CT Abdomen Deformable Image Registration
Y. Fu, S. Liu, H. Li, D. Yang*
5:17 PM
SU-K-201-12 : Radiomic Features of Lung Cancer and Their Dependency On CT Image Acquisition Parameters
G. Liang*, J. Zhang, M. Brooks, J. Howard, J. Chen
5:24 PM
SU-K-201-13 : Reproducibility of Radiomics Features with Grow-Cut and Graph-Cut Semi-Automatic Tumor Segmentation in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Q. Qiu*, J. Duan, G. Gong, D. Li, Y. Yin
5:31 PM
SU-K-201-14 : Robust Automatic Co-Segmentation of Multiple Medical Images
T. Liu*, D. Floros, N. Pitsianis, X. Sun, L. Ren, F. Yin
5:38 PM
SU-K-201-15 : A Computational Phantom of the Thorax Combining Anatomical and Respiratory Motion Models: Feasibility Study and Preliminary Developments
M. Seregni, M. Riboldi, G. Baroni, G. Sharp*
5:45 PM
SU-K-201-16 : Clinical Investigation of Sequential Dual-Energy CT Imaging for Radiotherapy Target Delineation
L. Chen*, Y. Dong, Y. Zhang, J. Liu, T. Lin, J. Fan, R. Price, C. Ma
5:52 PM
SU-K-201-17 : Megavoltage Iterative CT Reconstruction Utilizing L0-Penalty Based Total Count Variation Regularization
D. Nguyen*, Q. Lyu, D. O'Connor, H. Gao, X. Qi, K. Sheng