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Program Information

  Image Segmentation Monday - 7/31/2017
Joint Imaging-Therapy Scientific Session 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: 205

Moderator 1: Daniel Low, University of California, Los Angeles
Moderator 2: Lei Ren, Duke University Medical Center

4:30 PM
MO-F-205-1 : A 2.5D Assembly Framework with 2D CNNs to Segment Medical Images of Arbitrary Dimension
T. Zhao*, D. Ruan
4:40 PM
MO-F-205-2 : A Novel Multi-Source Multi-Objective (MSMO) Image Fusion Technique for MR-Based Treatment Planning
L. Zhang*, F. Yin, S. Han, B. Moore, J. Cai
4:50 PM
MO-F-205-3 : Automatic Segmentation of Clinical Target Volume and Organs at Risk in Planning CT of Rectal Cancer with Deep Dilated Convolutional Neural Networks
K. Men*, J. Dai
5:00 PM
MO-F-205-4 : Bayesian MRI-Based Technique for Calculating Synthetic CT Images
M. Simard*, A. Pirenne, S. Bedwani, D. Blais, J. Cote, H. Bouchard
5:10 PM
MO-F-205-5 : Breathing Motion Model Estimation From Deformable Registration of CBCT Projections
D. O'Connell*, G. Chee, J. Lewis, D. Thomas, L. Yang, P. Lee, D. Low
5:20 PM
MO-F-205-6 : Iterative Inversion of Deformation Vector Fields with Feedback Control
A. Dubey*, A. Iliopoulos, X. Sun, F. Yin, L. Ren
5:30 PM
MO-F-205-7 : Shape Attribute Registration for Matching of Pulmonary Vasculature in Thoracic Image Registration
G. Hugo*, E. Weiss, C. Guy, M. Riblett, Y. Pan, G. Christensen
5:40 PM
MO-F-205-8 : Shape Context Based Deformable Surface Registration for the Gastrointestinal Tract
Y. Lu*, R. Kashani, L. Henke, I. Chen, A. Curcuru, P. Parikh
5:50 PM
MO-F-205-9 : Voxel-Based Enhancement Pattern Mapping (EPM) Improves the Contrast-To-Noise Ratio (CNR) and Detection of Abnormalities in Multiphase Contrast-Enhanced CT (MPCT)
P. Park*, G. Choi, E. Koay