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Program Information

  Dose Calculations Tuesday - 8/1/2017
Therapy Scientific Session 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM Room: 205

Moderator 1: Uwe Titt, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: B. Gino Fallone, Cross Cancer Institute

11:00 AM
TU-D-205-1 : A Method to Accelerate Monte Carlo Calculation Based QA for MRI Guided Online Adaptive Radiation Therapy
Y. Wang*, T. Mazur, J. Park, D. Yang, S. Mutic, H. Li
11:10 AM
TU-D-205-2 : A Novel Upwind Stabilized Angular Framework for Magnetic Fields in the First Order Linear Boltzmann Transport Equation
R. Yang*, O. Zelyak, B. Fallone, J. St. Aubin
11:20 AM
TU-D-205-3 : Development of a Fast Monte Carlo Dose Calculation System for Online Adaptive Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance
Y. Wang*, T. Mazur, J. Park, D. Yang, S. Mutic, H. Li
11:30 AM
TU-D-205-4 : Evaluation of the Electron Condensed History Algorithms in Geant4 for Radiotherapy Simulations
D. O'Brien*, G. Sawakuchi
11:40 AM
TU-D-205-5 : Fast Dose Calculation for Magnetic-Resonance Imaging-Guided Radiation Therapy (MRIgRT) Using GPU-Based Monte Carlo Code ARCHER
T. Liu*, H. Lin, L. Yang, H. Liu, Z. Wang, X. Pei, Z. Chen, X. Xu
11:50 AM
TU-D-205-6 : Improving Time-Efficiency of MRT Dose Calculations by Implementing a Hybrid Dose Calculation Approach
M. Donzelli*, S. Bartzsch, E. Braeuer-Krisch, U. Oelfke
12:00 PM
TU-D-205-7 : Monte Carlo Simulation of Radiation Transport and Dose Deposition From Locally Released Radiolabeled Gold Nanoparticles Incorporated Into Tissue Implantable Depots
P. Lai*, Z. Cai, J. Pignol, D. Jaffray, R. Reilly