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Program Information

  Outcome Modeling Wednesday - 8/2/2017
Therapy Scientific Session 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Four Seasons 1

Moderator 1: Joshua Niedzielski, University of Colorado School of Medicine
Moderator 2: Amit Sawant, University of Maryland School of Medicine

4:30 PM
WE-G-FS1-1 : A Lung Cancer Growth and Multi-Modality Treatment Model Based On Clinical Trial Data to Predict In-Vivo Repopulation and Radiation Sensitivity Parameters
C. Geng*, H. Paganetti, C. Grassberger
4:40 PM
WE-G-FS1-2 : A Novel CT Imaging Biomarker to Quantify Radiation Injury in the Esophagus with Application to Outcome Assessment
J. Niedzielski*, J. Yang, F. Stingo, Z. Liao, D. Gomez, R. Mohan, M. Martel, T. Briere, L. Court
4:50 PM
WE-G-FS1-3 : Biomarkers Evaluated During Radiotherapy Improve Outcome Predictions in Liver Cancer Patients
C. Grassberger*, D. Craft, D. Duda, T. Hong, T. Bortfeld
5:00 PM
WE-G-FS1-4 : Fitting Bladder Doses to Acute Urinary Symptoms During Post-Prostatectomy Radiotherapy
K. Pearlstein*, J. Dooley, S. Saripalli, J. Sun, S. Das, R. Chen, P. Mavroidis
5:10 PM
WE-G-FS1-5 : Optimizing Re-Irradiation of Recurrent Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma After Initial Radiation Therapy
A. Tai*, Q. Zhou, X. Deng, X. Li
5:20 PM
WE-G-FS1-6 : Outcome-Driven Inverse Treatment Planning for Conformal Lymphoma Radiotherapy
A. Modiri*, L. Stick, L. Rechner, S. Bentzen, I. Vogelius, L. Specht, A. Sawant
5:30 PM
WE-G-FS1-7 : Overcoming Hypoxia in Large Brain Metastases Via Adpative Hypofractionation A Biological Modeling Study
L. Ma*, C. Tseng, A. Sahgal
5:40 PM
WE-G-FS1-8 : Tumor Control Probability Increase Using SBRT Boost for PET Positive Lymph Nodes for Cervical Cancer
J. Snyder*, W. Sun, A. Willett, Y. Kim
5:50 PM
WE-G-FS1-9 : Virtual Bronchoscopy-Guided Risk-Management Based Treatment Planning to Mitigate Radiation-Induced Airway Injury in Lung SAbR
N. Kazemzadeh*, A. Modiri, M. Hamzeei, A. Hagan, T. Rozario, Y. Yan, H. Wibowo, J. Yu, R. Timmerman, A. Sawant