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Program Information

  Mam/Tomo/MBI Wednesday - 8/2/2017
Imaging Scientific Session 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Room: 601

Moderator 1: Srinivasan Vedantham, University of Arizona - Banner University Medical Center
Moderator 2: Andrew D. Maidment, Univ Pennsylvania

4:30 PM
WE-G-601-1 : Radiation Shielding Calculation for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Rooms with An Updated Workload Survey
K. Yang*, T. Schultz, X. Li, B. Liu
4:40 PM
WE-G-601-2 : Development and Evaluation of a Spatial Resolution Metric for Tomosynthesis
T. Vent*, R. Acciavatti, A. Maidment
4:50 PM
WE-G-601-3 : Task-Based Parameter Selection for Linear Iterative Image Reconstruction in Breast Tomosynthesis
S. Rose*, A. Sanchez, I. Reiser, E. Sidky, X. Pan
5:00 PM
WE-G-601-4 : Quantitative Radiomic Texture Analysis: Robustness Across Two Mammography Manufacturers
K. Mendel*, H. Li, L. Lan, M. Giger
5:10 PM
WE-G-601-5 : Investigating Performance of Spectral Shaping Filters for Contrast-Enhanced Breast CT
S. Glick*, A. Makeev
5:20 PM
WE-G-601-6 : OpenVCT: A Framework for Open-Source Virtual Clinical Trial Resources
A. Maidment*, P. Bakic, B. Barufaldi, D. Higginbotham, D. Pokrajac, A. Avanaki, K. Espig, A. Xthona, T. Kimpe
5:30 PM
WE-G-601-7 : Quantification of in Vivo Tumor Uptake in Clinical Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) Examinations
B. Lopez*, M. Rauch, B. Adrada, S. Bache, K. Hess, S. Kappadath
5:40 PM
WE-G-601-8 : Deformable Mapping Technique to Correlate Lesions in X-Ray and Ultrasound Breast Images
C. Green*, M. Goodsitt, K. Brock, C. Davis, P. Carson, E. Christodoulou, E. Larson
5:50 PM
WE-G-601-9 : In-Vivo Evaluation of Prospective Respiratory Gated Stationary Digital Chest Tomosynthesis Imaging
A. Hartman*, E. Gunnell, C. Inscoe, J. Lu, O. Zhou, Y. Lee