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Program Information

  Tracking and Motion Management Thursday - 8/3/2017
Joint Imaging-Therapy Scientific Session 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Room: 205

Moderator 1: Yan Yu, Thomas Jefferson University
Moderator 2: Weihua Mao, Henry Ford Hospital

7:30 AM
TH-AB-205-1 : Real-Time Motion Management with Helical Tomotherapy
E. Schnarr*, D. Henderson, M. Beneke, D. Casey, E. Chao, J. Chappelow, P. Jordan, D. Lucas, A. Myronenko, C. Maurer
7:40 AM
TH-AB-205-2 : Feasibility of Kilo-Voltage Projection-Based Real-Time Tracking of Intrafractional Patient Motion During Spine Stereotactic Radiosurgery Or Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
J. Kim, Y. Park, G. Sharp, B. Winey*
7:50 AM
TH-AB-205-3 : An Interdimensional Correlation Framework for Direct Real-Time Estimation of Six Degree of Freedom Target Motion Using a Single X-Ray Imager During Radiotherapy
D. Nguyen*, J. Bertholet, J. Kim, R. O'Brien, J. Booth, P. Poulsen, P. Keall
8:00 AM
TH-AB-205-4 : Current Modulated Volume-Of-Interest Imaging for Kilovoltage Intrafraction Monitoring of the Prostate
D. Parsons*, J. Robar, T. Stevens
8:10 AM
TH-AB-205-5 : Improving External-Internal Correlation by Correcting Respiratory Phase Shift Based On Simultaneous Internal and External Motion Waveforms
A. Milewski*, D. Olek, A. Rimner, G. Li
8:20 AM
TH-AB-205-6 : Real-Time Pseudo-CT Creation From Orthogonal Two Dimensional Cinematic MRI for Tumor Tracking
M. Mueller*, C. Paganelli, D. Lee, P. Keall
8:30 AM
TH-AB-205-7 : No-Motion X-Ray Digital Electron Beam Tomosynthesis with Respiratory Motion Tracking
D. Boyd*, M. Weil, S. Song, V. Ziskin, A. Ely, N. Kim, E. Seppi, L. Partain
8:40 AM
TH-AB-205-8 : Real-Time Motion Tracking Using Ultrasound and Intrafractional KV Cone Beam Projection Images
F. Mostafaei*, A. Tai, W. Haase, D. Cooper, M. Lachaine, X. Li
8:50 AM
TH-AB-205-9 : Active Breathing Controlled Intra-Fractional Liver Motion Is Patient Specific
L. Lu*, C. Diaconu, S. Lin, T. Djemil, G. Videtic, M. Abdel-Wahab, N. Yu, J. Greskovich, K. Stephans, P. Xia
9:00 AM
TH-AB-205-10 : Real-Time Lung Tumor Tracking On MV BEV Images Using a Markerless Model
T. Rozario*, T. Chiu, M. Chen, W. Lu, Y. Yan, S. Bereg, W. Mao
9:10 AM
TH-AB-205-11 : Clinical Investigation of Auto Beam Hold and Intrafraction Motion Review
G. Graeper*, A. Cetnar, K. Woods, N. Gupta, M. Weldon
9:20 AM
TH-AB-205-12 : Kernel Density Estimation of Tumor Position Undergoing Respiration Via Surface Monitoring
M. Tajdini*, P. Sabouri, Y. Ghanbari, D. Ruan, A. Sawant