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Program Information

  Treatment Planning I Thursday - 8/3/2017
Therapy Scientific Session 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 205

Moderator 1: Justus Adamson, Duke University Medical Center
Moderator 2: Adam Melancon, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

10:00 AM
TH-CD-205-1 : An Update On the Dosimetric Accuracy of Different Treatment Planning System Algorithms in the IROC Lung Phantom
S. Kry*, A. Molineu, P. Alvarez, D. Followill
10:10 AM
TH-CD-205-2 : Database Plan Search to Facilitate Automated Planning of SRS Brain Metastases
E. Schreibmann*, E. Elder
10:20 AM
TH-CD-205-3 : Fully Automated VMAT Planning in the Head and Neck
R. McCarroll*, L. Zhang, C. Cardenas, P. Balter, K. Kisling, M. Mejia, C. Nelson, D. Followill, C. Peterson, J. Yang, B. Beadle, L. Court
10:30 AM
TH-CD-205-4 : GPU-Accelerated Research Eclipse Treatment Planning System for Higher-Dimensional Motion-Adaptive Inverse Treatment Planning
A. Hagan, A. Sawant, M. Folkerts, M. Svatos, A. Modiri*
10:40 AM
TH-CD-205-5 : Knowledge-Based Automated Planning for Oropharyngeal Cancer
A. Babier*, J. Boutilier, A. McNiven, T. Chan
10:50 AM
TH-CD-205-6 : Machine Learning Using Rich Geometrical Features for Coplanar VMAT Dose Prediction
A. Landers*, D. Ruan, F. Scalzo, K. Woods, K. Sheng
11:00 AM
TH-CD-205-7 : Pre-Planning Dry Run for Lung Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
P. Patel*, K. Higgins, A. Dhabaan, B. Bradshaw, M. McDonald, J. Roper
11:10 AM
TH-CD-205-8 : Quality Improvement of Treatment Planning Workflow Using FMEA Methodology
S. Lee*, J. Cantley, Z. Xu, D. Albani, T. Podder
11:20 AM
TH-CD-205-9 : The Interplay Effect When Treating Moving Tumors Using High Dose Rate and Increased MLC and Gantry Rotation Speeds
T. Netherton, Y. Li, P. Nitsch, P. Balter, S. Gao, A. Klopp, L. Court*
11:30 AM
TH-CD-205-10 : Use of CyberKnife Logfiles to Aid the Derivation of PTV Margins for Liver Treatments Using Synchrony Respiratory Compensation
M. Liu*, E. Vandervoort, J. Cygler
11:40 AM
TH-CD-205-11 : A Method to Evaluate Dosimetric Effects On Organs-At-Risk for Treatment Delivery Systematic Uncertainties
S. Liu*, T. Mazur, Y. Fu, H. Li, S. Mutic, D. Yang
11:50 AM
TH-CD-205-12 : Application of the AAPM TPS Professional Practice Guideline in Commissioning a Paired Prototype Linear Accelerator/TPS
Y. Li*, T. Netherton, P. Nitsch, A. Klopp, L. Court, P. Balter, S. Gao