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Program Information

  Advances in Ultrasound Imaging Technology Wednesday - 8/2/2017
Ultrasound Symposium 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM Room: 708

Moderator: Mark Holland, Indiana University- School of Medicine

1:45 PM - 3:45 PM
WE-F-708-0 : Advances in Ultrasound Imaging Technology
B. Byram*, K. Thomenius*, M. Insana*
  1:45 PM

B-Mode Image Recovery with Aperture Domain Model, Image Reconstruction
B. Byram*
  2:10 PM

Opportunities for Ultrasonic Imaging with Software Beamformation
K. Thomenius*
  2:35 PM

Adjusting Dimensionality of the Echo Acquisition Enhances the Sensitivity of US Perfusion Imaging
M. Insana*
3:00 PM
WE-F-708-4 : 3D XACT Breast Imaging for Microcalcifications
S. Tang, K. Yang, Y. Chen, L. Xiang*
3:10 PM
WE-F-708-5 : Fast X-Ray-Induced Acoustic Computed Tomography
R. Faiz*, S. Tang, B. Zheng, H. Liu, A. Zarafshani, L. Xiang
3:20 PM
WE-F-708-6 : Photoacoustic Imaging for Prostate Cancer
S. Tang, K. Stratton, L. Xiang*
3:30 PM
WE-F-708-7 : Lesion Differentiation During Routine Breast Cancer Screening Using An Acousto-Optic Transmission Ultrasound Imaging System
J. Rosenfield*, J. Sandhu, P. La Riviere