AAPM Mentorship Program

Mentorship is integral to a successful career in medical physics. The goal of the AAPM Mentorship Program is to support mentorship relationships between members of the AAPM. The program is designed to support the success of physicist members of the AAPM, while also improving their sense of satisfaction and engagement with their own institution, clinic, or company and within the AAPM. The AAPM Mentorship Program will also enhance physicist training in providing effective mentoring, facilitate the adoption of a formalized mentor training program within the program, and cultivate an environment where mentoring excellence is valued.

All AAPM members are welcome to participate in the AAPM Mentorship Program. While it is expected that many participants seeking mentorship will be early-career physicists, the program is not limited to new professionals, and welcomes students, trainees, mid- and late-career participants. Mentorship is a life-long endeavor and individuals can both provide and receive mentorship at all phases of their career. For example, mid-career physicists may find value in the program for developing a plan for promotion or increased managerial roles, while more senior members may seek mentorship in leadership skills or transitioning to retirement. The AAPM Mentorship Program aims to serve the unique goals of its participants and facilitate a match between the needs of the mentee and the skills and knowledge offered by potential mentors.

This is a new program developed by the AAPM Professional Mentorship Working Group (PMWG), and will evolve as we learn and identify best practices for professional mentorship in medical physics and the AAPM. The program is supported by the AAPM Professional Council and the New Professionals Subcommittee (NPSC).

You must be a AAPM member in order to access this program. If you wish to join the AAPM membership, please go to the following page for further information:

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