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2016 Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws Amendments


TO: Voting Members of the AAPM
FROM: Todd Pawlicki, PhD, FAAPM, AAPM Secretary
RE: Vote on Amendments to the Governance Documents

Below you will find links to proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Association. The proposed amendments have been reviewed by the Rules Committee, the Board of Directors and the membership by an informational mailing. Comments on the amendments were received by email and at the Annual Business Meeting of the AAPM in Washington, D.C. The process began nearly a year ago, and the final step is a vote by the membership. For each amendment, a 2/3 majority vote is required to pass.

To assist you in your review of the proposed amendments I have included:

  • The text of the amendments
  • The statements of necessity
  • A summary of comments by members

Please review this information and vote electronically to indicate approval or rejection of each amendment. Your vote must be received by the Secretary at AAPM Headquarters no later than Wednesday, 9/21/2016 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Amendments to the Governance Documents
Click 'view info' to download PDF of the proposed Governance Documents change.
Proposal 1 – Amend Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws to change AAPM’s Name
Change the name of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine to the “American Association for Physics in Medicine”
Proposal 2 – Amend By-Laws and Rules to change the formation of AAPM’s Nominating Committee
Codify the recommendations contained within the Ad Hoc Committee on Nominations August 2015 report.
Proposal 3 – Amend By-Laws Article I, Section 1
Include the appointment of the JACMP Editor-in-Chief to the Board’s responsibilities.
Proposal 4 – Amend By-Laws Article I, Section 2
Clarifies that no voting Board Member may hold more than one voting position on the Board at a time.
Proposal 5 – Amend By-Laws Article I, Section 3
Clarifies that all Board members must be Full or Emertus Members of AAPM.
Proposal 6 – Amend By-Laws Article II, Section 8
Clarifies that the President-Elect fills the office of President after one year as President-Elect. The proposed amendment also eliminates a redundant statement in the By-Laws: Since the President is not eligible for reelection to that office, he may not succeed himself.


Voting is now closed.

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