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Committee Tree

AAPM Working Group for Standards for Quantitative MR Measures

(In cooperation with ISMRM Ad Hoc Committee for Standards on Quantitative MRI.)

  1. Development of quantitative MR phantoms and acquisition techniques / parameters specific to a given quantitative measure, e.g., volume, dynamic contrast enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI), MR spectroscopy, diffusion, etc.  Obtain repeat measures on each phantom
    at multiple centers and using current high-field scanners from all major vendors.

  2. Develop signal response characteristic standards for relevant pulse sequences using the phantoms developed in 1. above.  These response characteristic standards will allow ongoing QC at individual centers on a given platform (across upgrades) and comparisons between vendor platforms (and hardware/software versions) either at an individual center or at multiple centers.  Furthermore, such standards can be provided to vendors, as requested by the vendors at previous venues (NCI CIP and NIST workshops).

  3. Develop sets of annotated test data that can be publicly distributed (via the NCI RIDER project, for example) and used to validate image analysis software tools.